’15 blocks! The walls are high!’ Kim Ho-cheol-sik’customized volleyball’ that even Kim Yeon-kyung couldn’t break through

IBK Industrial Bank’s ‘customized volleyball’ destroyed Heungkuk Life Insurance.

IBK Industrial Bank Altos held a set score 3-1 (25-12 25-19 24-26 25-25-12 25-19 24-26 25- 20) won.

It was an unexpected result. IBK, who was inferior to Heungkuk Life Insurance this season with all four losses, won an overwhelming victory without giving up the flow throughout the game.

Unlike the ‘main gun’, Santana led the victory with 22 points and 3 blocks. Pyo Seung-ju also scored 19 points and played a big role, Kim Hee-jin also scored 11 points including 2 blocks, and Kim Su-ji contributed 10 points.

It was truly a ‘메이저사이트day when everything was done’ with the players’ even performances. Blocking in particular shone. Heungkuk Life’s Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena’s double gun attacks were neutralized by catching 15 blockings. Banmyung Heungkuk Life Insurance’s blocking was only 4, and it could not properly defend against Hyundai E&C’s fierce attack. After the game, coach Kim Ho-cheol also commented, “I adjusted the blocking according to the height of the opponent’s striker, and it worked.”

When I asked coach Kim Ho-cheol about the best player, an unexpected answer came back. “Everyone did well,” he said. “Today I want to commend all the players.” “It’s difficult for a losing team to raise morale, but I’m grateful that the players, not me as the coach, did it,” he said to the players.

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