17 wins → There was no flower path even with exemption from military service… Prolonged school violence trial, forced break crisis in 2023

Lee Young-ha (26), who once made a name for himself as Doosan’s 17-win ace, was properly caught up in past issues. Suspicion of school violence, which was raised from February 2021, spread to a court battle and was in danger of taking a break from the entire 2023 season. 

From 2019 to early 2020, Lee Young-ha spent the best of his career. There was no double slope like this. In 2019, along with the 17-win ace leap, he was selected for the Premier 12 national team and engraved the Taegeuk mark, and his military service obligation was unexpectedly resolved according to the ‘exemption decision for long-term waiting (4th grade supplementary service)’. Here, in January 2020, they enjoyed the blessing of starting a family by ringing the wedding march.

However, what awaited Lee Young-ha was not a flower road but a thorny road. From 2020 to last year, I went back and forth between selection and bullpen for three consecutive years, and I couldn’t get a seat, and in February 2021, a victim’s post about being bullied by Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun (LG) in high school was posted on an online community, and I was caught up in the #MeToo school violence incident. . While baseball was still difficult, the biggest crisis in baseball life came with a problem of past history.

The #MeToo incident of school violence by Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun, which had been quiet for a while, was recently re-ignited when the victim reported them to the Sports Ethics Center. Afterwards, a decision was made to refer him to trial along with the police investigation, and Lee Young-ha appeared at the Seoul Western District Court as a defendant three times, starting with the first trial in September of last year, the second trial in December, and the third trial the day before. Because of this, Lee Young-ha was unable to climb the mound for the first team after the SSG match on August 13 last year. 

Prosecutors are alleging Lee Young-ha, who was a senior in high school at the time, in 2015 using an electric fly swatter against Mr. Cho, a one-year junior at Sunrin Internet High School, bullying during night training, stealing ramen noodles from a Taiwanese training camp victim, and harsh behavior. In the second trial, Mr. Cho, the victim who sued Young-ha Lee, and Mr. Lee, who was a classmate of Mr. Cho’s Good Neighborhood Internet High School and a junior of Young-ha Lee, appeared as witnesses in the newspaper. attended with  바카라사이트

Unlike Kim Dae-hyun, who was acquitted in the first trial by a military court, Lee Young-ha’s trial has entered a prolonged phase. The prosecution adopted additional witnesses and the trial continued until the 3rd trial, and two additional witnesses were requested in the 3rd trial, and the 4th trial was held on March 3rd. Victims and witnesses testify about the damage suffered by Lee Young-ha, and Lee Young-ha continues to deny the facts of the prosecution. 

As the next newspaper date was set for March 3, Lee Young-ha’s February spring camp in Australia was virtually canceled. Although there is a principle of presumption of innocence, it is true that the Doosan club and Lee Young-ha are both on trial, and preparing for the season abroad is a burden. In addition, March 3 is not a sentence, but a witness examination. Two additional witnesses requested by the prosecution will attend. Attorney Kim Seon-woong, legal representative for Lee Young-ha, predicted the trial to be prolonged, saying, “If there is another trial in April following March 3, the sentence will eventually be around May or June.” 

It is not that you can return to the ground right away even if the first trial comes out in June. If the conclusion is innocent, the possibility of an appeal by the victim cannot be ruled out, and if a conviction is found, legal punishment as well as discipline from the KBO and the Doosan club are inevitable. In the worst case, 2023 could be spent in court battles and discipline.

Even three years ago, no one would have predicted Lee Young-ha’s thorny path. Baseball fans who had been waiting for Lee Young-ha’s starting pitching in the past are now waiting for the results of his trial.

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