‘4 sets of double electrode’ Highway Corporation, 3:1 victory over Heungkuk Life Insurance to start the series

4 sets of band electrodes were unfolded. Korea Expressway Corporation won 2 consecutive wins after 2 consecutive losses in the championship match, driving the game to the final 5th game.

In the 4th game of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Heungkuk Life Insurance held at the home court, Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 4th, the road construction scored a set score of 3-1 (22-25, 25-21, 25-22, 25-23 ) was victorious.

Highway Corporation, who succeeded in winning 2 consecutive wins at home in Gimcheon with a valuable victory, will play the last 5th game in Incheon on the 6th, balancing the series with 2 wins and 2 losses. On the other hand, Heungkuk Life Insurance was unable to continue the spirit of victory in the first and second games, and came to the burdensome game 5.

In the road construction, Catbell scored 30 points, Park Jung-ah 20 points, Bae Yuna 16 points, and Moon Jeong-won 9 points to lead the victory. The attack score was 72-55, and the game was solved with an absolute advantage. In blocking, he was pushed 7-13, and he had 21 errors, more than his opponent (15), but he overpowered his opponent with power by taking a lead in big attacks. Korea Expressway Corporation started with Apposite

Spiker Moon Jeong-won (3), Outside Hitters Park Jung-ah (4) and Catbell (1) , Middle Blockers Jeong Dae-young (2) and Bae Yuna (5), Setter Lee Yoon-jeong (6), and Libero Lim Im-ok. . Heungkuk Life Insurance hit the court first with Yelena (3) as

an apositive spiker , Mi-yeon Kim (4) and Yeon-kyung Kim (1) outside hitters , Na-hee Kim (2) and Joo-ah Lee (5) as middle blockers, Won-jung Lee (6) as a setter, and Hae-ran Kim as a libero. . 1 set

In 4-4, Korea Expressway Corporation took a 7-4 lead with Bae Yoo-na’s blocking score and Park Jung-ah’s serve ace. Heungkuk Life Insurance faced a 7-7 tie with Yelena’s back attack followed by Kim Yeon-kyung’s consecutive hits.

Since then, the mid-game battle has been that when Heungkuk Life Insurance leads first, the road construction catches up. The direction of the set diverged at 20-20. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which led by one point due to an opponent’s offense, ran to 23-20 with Yelena’s blocking score following Kim Mi-yeon’s left-handed blow. The Korea Expressway Corporation put on 22-23 pressure with Park Jung-ah’s hit and Bae Yoo-na’s blocking score, but Heungkuk Life Insurance won the first set with Yelena and Kim Mi-yeon’s scoring defeating the chase. The score was 25-22.

2 sets . Heungkuk Life Insurance started with Yelena at No. 4 and Kim Yeon-kyung at No. 2. As for the road construction, Park Jeong-ah was 4 times and Catbell was 1 time, just like in the 1st set.

This time, the pattern in which Heungkuk Life Insurance followed when the road construction took the lead was repeated several times until the middle of the set. At 14-14, the set reached an inflection point. With Park Jeong-ah’s strong hit and Ketbell’s continuous hit, the Korea Expressway Corporation took a 3-point lead, 17-14. Catbell tried to attack again with all her strength. He scored with two hard blows to give him a 19–15 lead. Park Jung-ah took over the baton. They scored from the back and took a 21-18 lead. When Catbell fell into the back ranks and hit hard, Moon Jung-won responded with a right hit.

After finishing the set, the road construction won the second set with Park Jung-ah and Bae Yoo-na scoring. The score was 25-21.

3 sets . Heungkuk Life Insurance moved Yelena to No. 3 and Yeon-Kyung Kim to No. 1. The road works were carried out without any change. Moon Jeong-won was number 3, and Catbell was number 1.

At the beginning of the set, Yelena and Kim Yeon-kyung’s strong hits added to the opponent’s offense, and Heungkuk Life Insurance took a 7-3 lead. The road construction approached 7-8 with Catbell’s strong hit and Jeong Dae-young’s blocking score. Park Jung-ah tied the score 9-9 with a left blow.

In the following 13-13, Heungkuk Life Insurance gained a 15-13 advantage with Yelena’s back attack and Kim Yeon-kyung’s direct kill. The Korea Expressway Corporation tied the score 15-15 with Bae Yu-na’s sub ace following Catbell’s left-handed blow.

In the ensuing 18-18, Park Jung-ah’s left-handed blow led the road construction to 19-18. Heungkuk Life Insurance made a 19-19 tie with Kim Mi-yeon’s witty goal. In a fierce battle, the road construction first climbed the 20-point high with Bae Yu-na’s moving attack. Bae Yoo-na blocked Kim Mi-yeon’s left attack and took a 21-20 lead. Heungkuk Life Insurance showed its will by succeeding in a 22-22 tie with Yelena’s rear strike.

In the clutch situation, the cat bell of the road construction exploded. Heungkuk Life Insurance Yelena’s back attack that followed was out. Highway Corporation, who touched the set score, won the set with opponent Kim Yeon-kyung’s offense and took control of the game. The score was 25-22.

4 sets . Heungkuk Life Insurance started with Kim Yeon-kyung moving to number 4. As for the road construction, Park Jung-ah was number 4 without any change.

Heungkuk Life Insurance took a 10-7 lead with Kim Yeon-kyung’s blocking goal following Yelena’s blow at the beginning of the set, 6-6. With Kim Yeon-kyung’s witty goal, the score widened to 12-8.

When the road construction went on a 13-15 chase with Catbell’s hard hit following Bae Yoo-na’s quick break, Heungkuk Life Insurance ran to 19-14 with Lee Won-jung’s blocking score after the opponent’s mistake.

The road construction pursued again. Following Catbell, Jeon Sae-yan scored an attack. However, the long rally that followed ended with Lee Joo-ah’s strong hit, giving Heungkuk Life Insurance an advantage in a 20-16 lead. With the success of Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack, the scoreboard pointed to 21-16. 메이저사이트

The road construction company went on a final chase. After Park Jung-ah’s paint goal, Bae Yoo-na’s blocking goal came again. With Park Jung-ah’s left-handed blow, the scoreboard pointed to 20-22. Bae Yoo-na’s two goals tied the scoreboard at 22-22. The home fans who filled the gym roared with tremendous cheers.

When Heungkuk Life Insurance showed a 23-22 advantage with Kim Yeon-kyung’s strong hit, Expressway Corporation was not pushed back by making a 23-23 tie with Park Jeong-ah’s hard hit. Catbell skillfully attacked the long toss with his left hand and guided the team to the match point. The ensuing rally ended with Catbell’s strong blow. It was the moment when the Korea Expressway Corporation achieved a dramatic victory and succeeded in winning two consecutive victories after two losses in the championship match.

Game 5 of the championship match will be held on the 6th at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon.

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