‘90% chance of transfer’, who wants Lee Kang-in?

Will midfielder Lee Kang-in (22), who is active in Mallorca in the Spanish professional football league, change his uniform?

Lee Kang-in is proud of his performance in the 2022-2023 season. As of the 9th (hereinafter Korean time), he has played a total of 18 games, including league and cup competitions (Copa del Rey), scoring 2 goals and 4 assists. His assists, in particular, are the most in his team and inspire creativity in his team. He also played a big role against Real Valladolid on the 8th.

◆90% chance of transfer?
In addition to his team, he showed off his presence as a member of the Korean national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which ended last month. He was naturally on the list of recruits from clubs bigger than Mallorca.

The Spanish media ‘Lelebo’ reported, “Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca with a 90% probability.” The media picked English professional football Premier League (EPL) and Dutch professional football Eredivisie as their next destinations. In the EPL, Newcastle United, Aston Villa, and Burnley are candidates. Newcastle are looking for resources that can capture the present and the future at the same time after receiving a new owner showing off oil money. Lee Kang-in fits that philosophy.

It is known that Villa plans to break up with Brazilian attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho (31) and fill the vacancy with Lee Kang-in. ‘Birmingham Live’, which specializes in villa news, reported news related to Lee Kang-in on the front page. Burnley is also not a bad option. Burnley is a team with a strong image of playing somewhat crude soccer, but plans to add delicacy to the thick colors by embracing Lee Kang-in. Considering the team style, it is similar to the current team, Mallorca. It is an environment where Lee Kang-in can stand out. 메이저사이트

◆Continuing the genealogy of Korean players In
the case of the Dutch stage, Lee Kang-in has been involved since his days in Valencia before settling down in Mallorca. Even when Lee Kang-in was sluggish in Mallorca last season, it is a league that is strongly connected. It is a league with good memories as Korean resources such as Park Ji-seong and Lee Young-pyo bloomed their talents in the past. It can be seen as the best environment for Lee Kang-in, a ‘prospect’, to grow in the league season, where he often participates in club competitions hosted by the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Feyenoord wants it now. Feyenoord, along with PSV Eindhoven and Ajax, represent the Netherlands. Many players from the Korean national team, such as Lee Chun-soo and Song Jong-guk, have played, and are familiar with domestic soccer fans. Lee Kang-in could carry on the lineage of Korean players in Feyenoord.

Regardless of the destination, the key is the transfer fee. Multiple foreign media predicted that Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee would be 15 million pounds (approximately 22.8 billion won). It’s not a very large amount, but as it is the winter transfer market, Newcastle is virtually the only team among the candidates that can easily pay this amount. A lot of attention is focused on what kind of future Lee Kang-in will face through the remaining winter transfer market.

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