A boxer who collapsed right after the match died… 22 years old, flowery age

Another boxer lost his life.

Filipino boxer Kenneth Igano has been a rising star since his professional debut in 2019, recording just one defeat. He collapsed after playing last Saturday (6th). And he died a few days later. At 22 years old, it was a flowery age.

The Philippine Games and Entertainment Board (GAB) said in a social media statement on the 10th, “(The entire GAB mourns the death of professional boxer Kenneth Igano.” Summing up

reports from TMZ, AOL, Daily Mail, etc. on the 12th, Igano (7 wins (3 KOs), 1 loss) had an eight-round match against Jason Paculin (4 wins, 1 loss) at a gym in the Philippines on the 6th. It was part of ‘Blow by Blow’, a weekly TV boxing show hosted by Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao. A

video of the fight between the two fighters shows Igano in black shorts and Paculin in red trunks at the end. When the bell rang for the end of the round, they hugged and encouraged each other. Returning to his corner, Igano waited for the referee’s decision and suddenly collapsed on the ring floor. With the help of the coaching staff, he sat down on a chair and put on an oxygen mask. The scoring results were announced

. Before he was rushed to the hospital, he fell into a coma. The cause was a brain hemorrhage. After leaving there, the scoring results were announced. Igano won by decision. The referee raised his hand, not the player’s hand, to declare victory by decision in absentia. Declared.

According to the Philippine news outlet The Inquirer, Pacquiao, 44, offered to pay for Igano’s treatment and also paid for the airfare so that the athlete’s parents could come to the hospital. Pacquiao, now a Philippine senator, said after hearing the news of Igano, “There is nothing more precious than human life.”

“Boxing is a very dangerous sport and boxers deserve respect because they risk their lives in the game,” he said. “You can do other sports, but you can’t do boxing.”

Many hoped he would wake up, but on Wednesday it was announced that he had separated from the world.

Pakulin, who competed with Igano, said on social media on the 10th, “I didn’t expect this to happen when we fought to the best of our ability.” “Why did this happen to us? I am sorry that such a tragedy has occurred. I hope you are in a good place.”먹튀검증

The World Boxing Association (WBA) also mourned the death of the deceased on its website. On the 11th, the WBA expressed condolences to the bereaved family and the Philippine boxing world, saying, “The uncertainty of the past few days has ended with the terrible news of his death.”

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