‘A dazzling lineup’… What if Neymar came to Chelsea?

(Best Eleven)

Rumors are spreading that Neymar may be headed to Chelsea. Indeed, if Neymar comes to Chelsea, a dazzling line-up will be created.

Chelsea signed Joao Felix, Mihailo Mudrik, Benoit바카라사이트 Badiachil and Enzo Fernandez. Even in the English Premier League (EPL), which is said to spend the most transfer fees, Chelsea spent the most money.

In this case, Neymar, Kai Havertz, and Mihailo Mudrik form the front 3, and Joao Felix, Matteo Kovacic, and Enzo Fernandez form the midfield. The back four will be built by Mark Cucurella, Benoit Badiashiel, Tiago Silva, and Reese James. The goalkeeper is Kepa. 

According to recent French media reports, Chelsea owner Todd Bohely has flown to France and started negotiations over Neymar. Chelsea are investing a huge amount of money to create a completely different team, and it seems they have chosen Neymar as the pitch leader to lead the new group.

Neymar is likely to incur a significant transfer fee when moving. Paris Saint-Germain also used that amount of money to recruit Neymar from Barcelona, ​​and considering Neymar’s star and performance, it is natural that the transfer fee will increase.

Attention is focusing on how the ‘Neymar Saga’ between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain will flow in the future.

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