A war of nerves between the LIV wave and the PGA wave?… McIlroy: “I didn’t like seeing Reed”

Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), who is about to make his first sortie in 2023, and Patrick Reid (USA), who plays for LIV Golf supported by Saudi Arabia, had a war of nerves.

McIlroy, who participated in the DP World Tour Dubai Desert Classic held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), ignored Reed’s regards at the practice range, and Reed, furious, threw a wooden tee at McIlroy, reports came out.

Reed, the 2018 Masters Champion, is a representative player who left the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour and left for LIV golf, and McIlroy is taking the lead in protecting the PGA Tour against LIV Golf. In addition to Reed, several LIV golf transfer players such as Ian Poulter (England), Henrik Stenson (Sweden) and Adrian Otegi (Spain) will participate in the Dubai Desert Classic.

McIlroy has argued that the DP World Tour, like the PGA Tour, should be banned from participating in LIV golf transfer players. 바카라사이트

When asked if the report was true at a press conference on the 26th (Korean time), McIlroy said, “It is true that I ignored Reed’s greetings.” At first, he didn’t know Reed was coming because he was focused on practice, but when Reed came and said “Hi,” he said, “I really hate to see him.”

McIlroy said Reid’s complaint was delivered to his home on Christmas Eve, and he expressed his displeasure, saying, “I’m just trying to enjoy some happy times with his family, and how would I feel if someone came by and filed a complaint?”

McIlroy also did not hide his feelings for Reed, saying, “If I were Reed, I wouldn’t come over to say hello or ask for a handshake.” McIlroy said he had no idea Reed had teed it, but added, “If the position had changed, I would have teed it then.”

Earlier, in an interview with Golf Digest, Reed said, “I shook hands with McIlroy’s caddy at the driving range, but McIlroy looked at me and pretended not to know me. It was like a spoiled child.” ” said,

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