After becoming rich with basketball, taking over the NBA team, the story of a geek ‘5 trillion assets’

Mark Cuban (64), a famous American CEO, is a legendary figure for those who dream of running a company. He is a man who has founded and succeeded in countless companies.

He is also a name that NBA fans need to be familiar with. He is the owner of the western powerhouse Dallas Mavericks. His words and actions have a great influence on the league enough to shake the entire NBA.

The estimated assets of the owner of Cuban amount to about 5 trillion won in Korean currency.

He is very different from other team owners.

He is the owner who shows his face in almost every home game. Except for Steve Ballmer of the Los Angeles Clippers, there is no other owner who is as sincere as he is.

NBA owner. They are the highest paid people in the world. There are dozens of units under management alone. It’s not strange that other club owners don’t come to the basketball court.

But unlike them, Cuban shows his face on the field every game. He’s not just a spectator. When the team wins, they go crazy like crazy, and when they lose, they get frustrated. If you see a judgment penalty, you run straight from the bench to the court and protest to the referee.

There is a reason.

Ordinary owners, after becoming wealthy in other fields, jump into the basketball court as a business concept. Cuban is different from them. This is a case of getting rich through basketball. I love basketball, so I started a business with basketball, and basketball gave me success. The love for basketball itself is bound to be different.

If you understand this background, you will have a deeper understanding of Cuban’s aggressive player reinforcement and club marketing philosophy. Now, let’s take a closer look and find out how this man made a $5 trillion fortune playing basketball.

#”Sell garbage bags”

As a child, he needed shoes.

Growing up in a tiny, rather shabby house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he ran to his father and said he needed his shoes.

His father, who was playing poker, said:

“The shoes you’re wearing right now, do you think they can still function as shoes? When you get a job later, you can earn money and use your money to buy what you want. Not now.

” A colleague helped.

“Little boy, I have a few boxes of garbage bags. Do you want to sell them? Earn money with them and change your sneakers

. ” Is it some sort of inventory management?

Little Mark Cuban immediately accepted the offer.

“I bought all the garbage bags for $3. And the next day I started selling them around the neighborhood. I knocked on the door and talked to them.”

“Hello madam. Do you use garbage bags? I have a great offer for you right now. When you run out of garbage bags, call me at this number and I’ll deliver them to your doorstep. Oh, the price is $6.”

Recalling the time, Cuban said, “It was probably the first company in the world to implement a garbage bag subscription service business. It was a one-person company.” At that moment when his drunken father refused to buy him shoes and his friend was handling inventory, the great entrepreneur took his first step as a businessman. 메이저사이트

# The secret to becoming rich through

basketball What basketball fans are curious about is ‘how he made money through basketball’.

1995. Tog Wagner, a friend from the University of Pittsburgh, has an interesting suggestion.

“These days, the Internet is developing. How can I use this well to listen to Indiana basketball games live?”

Cuban, who was already a basketball fanatic, was most curious about basketball games in other regions, not anyone else. It was all the results that came out in the newspaper every time. There was nothing about content.

After completing his IT studies in high school, he immediately creates a voice relay site called ‘Audio Net’. It is the progenitor of the current basketball radio broadcast. After hiring a caster from Indiana, I started broadcasting the game on the site, and people came to see the game from other regions.

I also added a camera to it. The live basketball broadcast, which has continued until now, began before I knew it.

Audionet will be reborn as ‘broadcast (relay).com’. is credited with being the first basketball broadcasting company. ESPN, TNT, NBCSPORTS, SPORTSNET… These are the ancestors of today’s sports broadcasting companies.

July 18, 1998. Cuban’s was listed on the stock market in earnest.

“How long will it be listed? It would be nice if it was only $33 per share,” was Cuban’s wish.

After the stock market opens, broadcast.

official listing. $62.75 a share.

I was dumbfounded. A figure that more than doubled the estimate. As soon as the stock market opened, Cuban’s fortune quickly increased by $3 million. It was the moment when he created massive wealth with basketball.

# Become a billionaire

He has a dream.

While he was dumbfounded, he soon realized an amazing fact. He was now the undisputed president and major shareholder. He was going to get massively rich just by making good use of stock price elasticity.

“If the stock price triples here, wouldn’t he be a billionaire?”

The motivation was clear, and the IT and management genius was more focused. As a result, the company has grown into the world’s largest media portal site.

Then, ‘Yahoo’ made a takeover offer to to expand its sports business.

There is no such thing as a good thing for a small business. The company’s share price skyrocketed, doubling and tripling more. just as he dreamed That was the moment he became a billionaire.

#After becoming a first step
billionaire as the owner, the first thing he bought was a gulfscream g5.

It is a small 12- to 15-seater aircraft manufactured by Gulf Scream Aerospace. “I signed a $40 million online contract, probably the largest ever signed online,” says Cuban.

Luxury? Never.

From the beginning of his debut until now. It is a consumption that can be understood immediately after listening to Cuban’s life-first philosophy, which he has revealed dozens of times through the media.

“The number one value is time. Time is something money can never buy. If there was one thing I could do, it was to save time.”

After becoming a billionaire, his first purchase was an airplane.

His second purchase was to an unpopular NBA team.

“My second purchase was the Dallas Mavericks, for $285 million.

” He attended the 1999-2000 season opener. Season opener! But far from selling out, the atmosphere at the basketball court was cold. I liked the Mavericks enough to buy a season pass… As I looked around, I thought that even if I ran the club, I would do better than this.”

“…” “Oh

wait, can I do it?”

It was around November 1999 that Cuban attended the opening game, and two months later, on January 4, 2000, Dallas’ ownership changed. A person named Mark Cuban began to be introduced to the media as ‘Dallas’ new owner’.

#”Don’t go to McDonald’s”

At the beginning of his tenure as owner, Cuban’s move was interesting.

“I didn’t have a large office like other owners, and I didn’t have a big desk. What we had was a room called a fish tank, like a fish tank, with windows on all sides.”

“I put my desk right in the middle of the fishbowl. And there were only two things on my desk: a contact book, and a printout of old ticket holder contacts. And the first thing I did was dial all the numbers in there.

” , You’ve been to the Mavericks game in the past? Do you know how cheap Mavericks tickets are these days? It’s cheaper than going to McDonald’s. Tickets start at $8. It’s cheaper to go to the basketball court than to eat a hamburger and a Coke! Why don’t you come once? ?

_ Mark Cuban is a very unique person.

“I want the people who work with me to confirm that if I ask them, I’ll do the same.

” I installed it and installed a large TV screen… Now I pay attention to the scent. There are various aromas. It is important to smell good before the game. The light also excites me, so I pay attention to this part…

At the beginning of Cuban’s appointment, Dallas was a large-scale deficit club. However, with aggressive marketing and bold reinforcement of players, it gradually began to emerge as a strong player in the West.

Coach Rick Carlyle, who can be called a Cuban man, and German sergeant Dirk Nowitzki, who joined by draft, form a fantastic duo. Dallas will record more than 50% win rate for 16 consecutive seasons after Cuban took office. He also won a meaningful playoff championship once.

Cuban asks the fans.

“Do you know what’s the best thing about being a manager? When my team hits a winning shot, the players run out onto the court. I can run out and scream with them. Why? Because I’m the owner! No one’s arresting me! Hahaha”

#Lastly, as

basketball fans must have felt, Cuban is indeed a person with eccentric tendencies. He is a businessman who was born with a natural sense of business and an acquired effort. And the heart of his business is basketball.

If you understand this long story, you will understand the basketball moves of Dallas.

Why is the owner of the team present and shouting louder than the players next to the bench every game? It is understandable whether a player jumps out ahead of the coach and protests against a wrong decision. He loves basketball and is a person who has achieved success through basketball, so it is inevitable that his affection is extraordinary.

It’s also understandable now why Dallas was able to single-handedly name European star Luka Doncic and win. Dallas had the 4th pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. After getting the 3rd pick while giving away the right to pick in the future, they nominate a player named Luka Doncic from Slovenia.

It was a choice everyone hesitated.

It takes courage to nominate an unknown Slovenian player who has talent but has never shown anything on the stage in his own country. The 1st pick Phoenix Suns, 2nd pick Sacramento Kings, and 3rd pick Atlanta Hawks all nominated non-European players. However, Cuban is a person with a natural sense and great drive. He traded up the nomination rights and nominated Doncic.

The player named Doncic, who was nominated at this time, won the Rookie of the Year title from his debut season, then swept the All-Rookie First Team and All-NBA First Team and grew into the best player in his career. Dallas’ possession of Doncic is largely due to Cuban’s innate sensory influence.

Through this long article, I hope that fans will have a better understanding of Mark Cuban and a deeper insight into his basketball moves beyond that.

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