Ahn Se-young, a badminton who became stronger during rehabilitation… AG Normal Aim

Ahn Se-young, the ‘signboard of Korean badminton’, won the international championship after overcoming an injury gap after intense rehabilitation training last year.

21-year-old Ahn Se-young is aiming for a top spot at this year’s Asian Games with the grit she developed then.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


There is no sign of getting tired even after receiving the flying shuttlecock without rest.

Ahn Se-young, the star of Korean badminton, sweats in her final training ahead of the Malaysian Open next week.

Ahn Se-young stamped her coat for work every day, even after she played the world tour final, ‘Wang-jung-wang-jeon’ a month ago. 토토사이트

<Ahn Se-young / National Badminton Representative> “I don’t think I could rest well. It’s always been like that. This time, I think I continued to exercise because I was anxious about something and I couldn’t finish December well.”

She faltered at the tournament in December due to her elimination, but Ahn Se-young showed her grit by winning the Australian Open in November last year after recovering from a right ankle injury.

It took her four months to win, which is by no means short, but she endured intense training and rehabilitation, and she tempered herself.

<Ahn Se-young / National Badminton Representative> “At that time, I think I was a little more serious. I think I came across a lot of sports because I was running in the morning or training with the wrestling team at night… It’s not fun to do it alone. Bring it with you…”

This year, Ahn Se-young’s watch is set to the Asian Games that will be held in September.

In her second appearance of her career, she is aiming for the top spot on the podium.

<Ahn Se-young / National Badminton Representative> “I think I have a great desire to live up to the people who are looking forward to it. “

Ahn Se-young, who says she really wants to enjoy badminton now, is interested in what kind of touching drama she will write this year.