Ansan city started auditing the football team that was ruined by the ‘joining corruption’, requesting the submission of data for the past 3 years

Ansan City has stepped up to normalize the soccer team. As the suspicion of systematic collusion by key figures in the club, such as the agent, the CEO, and the team leader, is revealed, an audit for re-establishment at the level of the dissolution of the football team begins.

On the 11th, multiple officials familiar with the circumstances of Ansan City hinted that “Ansan City will begin an audit of the soccer team in early September. On the 10th, Ansan City requested audit data for the previous three years from the club.”

Ansan Greeners, a member of the K League 2 (second division), began to run aground in early June. Detective Division 9 of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office arrested former coach Lim Jong-heon in the process of investigating agent Choi, who was accused of fraud by former professional soccer player Jeon, by paying back money to join the players under his management to a professional team. A search warrant was requested for the search and seizure of the CEO and the head of the strategy reinforcement team, Mr. Bae. Arrest was dismissed, but prosecution is inevitable due to negotiations on breach of trust.

According to the prosecution, Lee is accused of taking a total of 27 million won, including 10 million won in cash and a luxury watch worth 17 million won, from agent Choi in return for signing two players to Ansan from November last year to January this year. Bae’s allegation is that he received 30 million won in cash from Choi on three occasions in exchange for signing the players while overseeing the club’s scouting from August of last year to February of this year.

Originally, Ansan City was in a position to start an audit after watching the results of the prosecution’s investigation. However, as public interest reports continued that the currently revealed charges were ‘tip of the iceberg’, Ansan City decided that there would be more organized collusion and will begin its own audit. If the audit is done properly and another crime is revealed, former CEO Lee appeared in court on the 7th and answered “no” to the question of ‘whether there was an organized collusion at the club level in relation to the selection of players’ during the arrest warrant review. it becomes false 메이저사이트

It is known that Ansan City plans to audit in all directions, including players recruited over the past three years and behind-the-scenes contracts for youth players.

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