Are there foreign players like this these days? 150 km fastball pitcher “I don’t know Korea well… but my style…”

I don’t think I’ve seen such a foreign player recently.

Recently, foreign players visiting the KBO League knew a lot about the KBO League. I brought various information about Korean baseball style, cheering culture, and food. In the case of KT Wiz’s Wes Benjamin, he learned Korean when he received a love call from Korea.

In particular, after receiving recommendations 메이저사이트from players who played in the KBO League and listening to a lot of information, he showed himself adapting well from spring camp.

However, Adonis Medina of the KIA Tigers was a bit different. Even though it was different, it was so different. I didn’t know much about Korean baseball.

When asked if he had ever heard of Korean baseball, Medina said, “I don’t know much about Korean baseball, but I’ve heard of it a few times.”

Then, when asked if he had any advice from players who played in the KBO League, he said, “There was no such thing,” and said, “I’m used to American baseball. I wonder what Korean baseball will be like.”

When he was asked what words he wanted to approach baseball fans in Korea, he said, “Hola (Hola · Bye)”. When asked why, he said, “Isn’t the beginning of a conversation a greeting? It means that I want to communicate with the fans and get closer.”

Medina knows little about Korea, but is building friendships with the warm care of the KIA players.

Even if you don’t know Korean baseball well, Medina’s skills raise expectations. Medina, a pitcher who throws a fast ball over 150km, is evaluated for his stable control. He’s showing off his power pitching in Arizona spring camp as well.

I wonder if Medina will be able to adapt well to Korean baseball and greet the fans with a warm welcome.

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