Asan Samsung wins the 2023 Guri Youth Basketball Tournament

Asan Samsung won the Guri Market Youth Basketball Tournament held for the first time in 10 years.

Asan Samsung (Director Jang Do-hwan) won the championship cup at the 2023 Guri Market Youth Basketball Tournament held on the 15th and 16th. From the preliminaries to the finals, they achieved overwhelming results with four consecutive victories.

Asan Samsung started the copper market period with Kang Dong-eui, Kim Min, Kim Jun-pyo, Yu Ki-jun, Jeong Si-woo, Ji Hyun-woo, and Han Ji-min. He boasted a stable position balance.

Asan Samsung, which won easily against Hanam Bulkki and ATB in the preliminaries, met KCC in the semifinals. Although they conceded the first point, Yu Gi-jun and Jeong Si-woo’s consecutive goals brought the atmosphere from the beginning. Kim Min and Ji Hyun-woo added the points to finish the first half. 먹튀검증

However, it was Asan Samsung that suffered from a scoring drought in the second half. The player who solved the scoring drought was Kim Min. Kim Min revived the momentum in the first half with two mid-range jumpers. I bought a ticket to the finals with a score of 15-6.

Asan Samsung’s final opponent is PSB. Asan Samsung players showed signs of exhaustion after a forced march of 4 games a day.

Nevertheless, Asan Samsung fought fiercely. They pressed PSB with strong pressure defense. Yu Ki-jun’s free throw tied the score, and Jung Si-woo’s goal under the goal even succeeded in reversing the game. Also, Ji Hyun-woo’s defense was excellent. I blocked the PSB ace tightly.

Asan Samsung, which was steadily ahead, was pursued by two points at the end of the second half. The player who overcame the pursuit was Yoo Gi-jun. The game ended with both successful two free throws obtained from PSB fouls. The MVP was also Yu Gi-jun’s share.

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