At one time, a ‘tackling master’… Injury → exclusion from the list → rumors of a return to his parents’ team


are circulating that Aaron Wan-Bissaka will return to the Crystal Palace.

He is a player who has been in the limelight a lot. Wan-Bissaka, from Crystal Palace youth, made his first team debut in 2018 and built his career. His athletic physique and innate physical condition drew a lot of attention as he imbued his dynamism in the right fullback position.

His strong point is his tackling ability. Wan-Bissaka, who possesses tackling skills that only take the ball out based on his long legs and precise timing, was also called the ‘tackling master’ of the English Premier League (EPL). Based on this ability, he succeeded in entering his big club when he transferred to Manchester United in the summer of 2019.

However, his injuries and ups and downs caught him off guard. After the transfer, in the early 2019-20 season and 2020-21 season, he played 35 and 34 league games, respectively, as a main player, but in the 2021-22 season, injuries and Diogo Dalot quickly emerged as a competitor.

In the end, last season, in the 2021-22 season, the number of appearances was reduced to 20 games, and this season, it is limited to 1 business trip. In particular, as Dalot, who has an advantage in build-up as a right-handed full-back resource under manager Eric Ten Hag, was moderated, Wan-Bissaka’s position was completely pushed aside. 메이저사이트

Eventually he got to the point where he was looking for another team. According to European football transfer market expert Ekrem Konur, “Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton are interested in signing Wan-Bissaka. Wan-Bissaka is likely to leave the team in the winter transfer window this January.”

Rumors are circulating that he will return to his parent team. He entered Man Utd based on his performance at Palace, but if he returns to Palace in the transfer market this winter, he will be dishonored as himself. In addition, Nathaniel Cline and Joel Ward are currently holding on to the right fullback of Palace, so it is also inevitable that another tight competition will be held.