At the beginning of the ‘Gyeongjeong’ season, pay attention to the strong players who took the initiative

The National Sports Promotion Corporation (Chairman Cho Hyun-jae) announced that it will operate 17 races, the normal number of races, from the 15th (7th race) as the video temperature has recently been restored and the water surface for racing has been stabilized. The number of races that had been canceled or reduced due to the cold wave returned to normal in four weeks.

While the influence of the environmental factors on the racers is decreasing, unlike the past cases in which athletes who had been pushed out of the popularity ranking at the beginning of each season stood out and caused a stir, the strong players are still calmly leading and leading the race. I want to devise a betting strategy through analysis and trends on them.

Currently, a total of 136 races are being held in the 6 rounds of motorboat racing, and the leading racers are Kim Hyo-nyeon (2nd class), Eo Seon-gyu (4th class), Sim Sang-cheol (7th class), Kim Wan-seok (10th class), Kim Eung-seon (11th class) and Cho Sung-in (12th class) are cited.Cho Seong-in, who is evaluated as a motorboat troika, has shown a terrifying run from the beginning of the season with a 100% solidarity rate, showing 6 1st place and 1 second place in 7 appearances of the season. In particular, his point of note is that he took the lead by unfolding a powerful one-turn deployment after a leading start on courses 5 and 6, which were his weaknesses.Kim Hyo-nyeon also recorded 5 first-place finishes and 1 second-place finish in 6 appearances for the season. He is leading the race by making full use of his fast start (0.15 seconds), so expectations are being raised as a strong championship candidate who can lead the overall race flow no matter who he meets if he maintains his pace along with physical fitness management in the future바카라사이트.Shim Sang-cheol, one of the motorboat racing troikas who started the season at B2 level due to a failure in managing accidents last year, is showing his strong side by posting 5 first-place finishes and 1 second-place finish in 6 appearances like Kim Hyo-nyeon. In addition, attention is being paid to his progress in racing to the best of his ability as he can get a chance for a special promotion if he wins within two places in the next competition.

Kim Wan-seok, who represents the 10th class, is also leading the race, displaying a strong figure in the early stages. After cruising with 5 consecutive victories at the beginning of the season, he participated in the 6th course on the 1st day of the 6th inning and left a disappointing result of being out of line.

Kim Eung-seon, who shows off his performance without ups and downs, is also raising his grades calmly with concentration. He participated 11 times in total and showed some ups and downs, but in the recent 6th race, he participated 3 times and led the upward trend with 1st place 2nd place and 2nd place 1st place, recording the highest number of wins, 6 wins.

Eo Seon-gyu, who is known as the senior jockey, is also recording 5 wins in the season, including 3 consecutive wins in the 6th round. Since the second half of last year, due to ups and downs in the start, it was regrettable that the first turn was not smooth, but the start has stabilized enough to record an average of 0.19 seconds this season and is regaining its former skills.

In addition, Jung Min-soo (1st class), who is gradually improving her skills with 4 wins, Park Won-gyu (14th class), who missed the opportunity to win a special promotion, but is accumulating wins, and Son Ji-yeong (14th class), who is winning 4 times while maintaining her pride as a female player. 6) are considered as players to keep an eye on.

On the other hand, Kim Jong-min (2nd season), who was recording 4 wins with a fast start (0.13 seconds) at the beginning of the season, committed a start violation (flying) for the first time in 6 years since 2017 on the 1st day of the last 5 episodes and is in a state of resting for a while. all.

Lee Seo-beom, an expert on racing Korea, said, “In previous years, the strong players gradually improved their performance at the beginning of the season, causing many variables from the players who were falling behind in popularity. It is expected that there will be many races,” he advised, “rather than aiming for high dividends, it is recommended to strategize and target the strong players.”

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