Bae Jae-jung, Yangjeong High School, Wonkwang University won the championship, and the 2023 National Spring Rugby Competition was successfully completed

The 2023 National Spring Rugby League match was successfully completed on the 6th after a 12-day long journey. 

In this competition, Baejae Middle School defeated Ilsan Dong Middle School to win the Middle East Division championship, and Yangjeong High School defeated Gyeongsan High School to win the High School Division Championship. Wonkwang University lifted the championship trophy through the full league. 

Bae Jae-jung, who passed the group stage as the No. 1 in Group B, defeated the male team 43-0 in the semi-finals to advance to the final. Bae Jae-joong defeated Ilsan Dong Middle School, which he met in the final, 41-7, and succeeded in winning the tournament for the second time in a row following last year.

Yang Jeong-go advanced to the round of 6 by finishing second in Group C of the group stage, and beat Daegu Sangwon High School (24-22) and Busan Physical Education High School (13-12) after a close match to advance to the final. The opponent was Gyeongsan High School, who tasted the bitter taste of defeat in the preliminaries. However, Yangjeong High School took a 14-3 lead until the 15th minute of the second half, and won the championship by defeating the fiercely chasing Gyeongsan High School, 14-10. Yang Jeong-go washed away the sadness of being unemployed in three years after the 2020 National Spring Rugby League match.

In the university division, which was played in a full league, Wonkwang University won the championship by winning Seoul National University (Kwon-seung) and Pusan ​​National University (57-7) in turn. Wonkwang University has succeeded in winning six consecutive tournaments since winning University Group B in 2017, except for 2020, when only University Group A was held due to Corona.

Choi Yun, president of the Korea Rugby Association, said, “All the young people who have a passion for rugby despite difficult circumstances are the future and treasure of rugby in Korea.” said.

The National Spring Rugby League is the largest 15-man rugby competition in Korea (12-man for middle school) and boasts a long history and tradition. In the 2023 National Spring Rugby League match, 10 teams from each of the middle and high school divisions, and three teams from the university division participated. In this tournament hosted by the Korea Rugby Association and supervised by the Gyeongbuk Rugby Association and the Gyeongsan City Rugby Association, the middle and high school championship teams were awarded a special scholarship worth 1 million won from the Songhwa Culture and Sports Foundation.  먹튀검증

On the other hand, the ‘2023 Korea Super Rugby League’, which was held at the same place (Songhwa Rugby Stadium in Gyeongsan), will be held on the 8th, the last 3 rounds of the first league will be held at the Southeast Asia Drug Stadium in Incheon. According to the ticket charge policy, an admission fee of 10,000 won is received, and all proceeds are used to expand the base of rugby and commemorate the 100th anniversary of rugby in Korea.

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