‘Best best friend’ before Kane… A winger who ‘exploded’ with SON, lived in Leverkusen for 12 years ‘Adieu’

Striker Karim Bellarabi, who had a good relationship with Son Heung-min in the German Bundesliga, is leaving Bayer Leverkusen, where he played for 12 years.

On the 17th, the Leverkusen club said, “Bellarabi will end his 12-year life with Leverkusen when this season ends.” “After coming to Leverkusen from the third division club Braunschweig in 2011, he recorded 57 goals and 66 assists in 290 games. At Leverkusen When he was playing, he was also selected for the German national team and scored 1 goal in 11 A matches.”

Bellarabi is a familiar name for those who remember the days of Bayer Leverkusen, where Son Heung-min played two seasons before coming to Tottenham in the Premier League.

Bellarabi, who played the side wing along with Son Heung-min and launched a speedy attack, was also imprinted as an occasional selfish play to domestic fans, but provided a lot of goals and help in the Bundesliga to help Leverkusen steadily advance in the UEFA club competition in the 2010s. .

In particular, in the 2014/15 season, right before Son Heung-min went to Tottenham, he scored 12 goals in 33 Bundesliga games, opening a new heyday for Son Heung-min and Leverkusen, who also scored 11 goals in 30 games. At the time, Leverkusen was a team that was often in the 3rd or 4th place in Germany after Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, and also frequently participated in the UEFA Champions League.메이저사이트

Bellarabi continued to play after that, but since the 2020/21 season, his playing time has decreased significantly, so he has been playing as a replacement member more often. This season, he went scoreless in eight games after suffering ups and downs due to injuries. At the age of 33, he reached a new turning point in his soccer life.

Bellarabi is known to continue to maintain a good friendship with Son Heung-min, such as visiting Son Heung-min’s social media and congratulating him when Korea advanced to the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar last year.

“I am very close to Leverkusen, so this decision is very painful,” he said of his decision to part with Leverkusen, where he had dedicated his youth. I want to go to,” he said.

Leverkusen are currently in the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League. The second leg was played at home on the 19th, and the away game in the first leg was lost 0-1.

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