Busan, captain Lee Han-do & vice-captain Jeong Won-jin-Kwon Hyeok-kyu appointed

Professional soccer Busan I-Park has appointed a new captain to lead the team for the 2023 season.

The claim was made by Lee Han-do. He showed outstanding leadership on and off the pitch last season after joining Busan last summer. Based on his rich experience, he is expected to hold the center of Busan aiming for promotion to the K-League 1 this season. 메이저사이트

Vice-captains were Jung Won-jin and Kwon Hyuk-gyu. Jeong Won-jin, who joined Busan I-Park after the appointment of coach Park Jin-seop, energized the team with his altoran-like performance on the ground, and quickly melted into the squad with his unique adaptability. Kwon Hyuk-gyu, the ‘Sunggol Youth’, showed good performances last year, consistently joining the U23 national team. As there are more young players this season, he plans to act as a bridge within the team as the vice-captain.

Captain Lee Han-do said, “It is a new feeling to be appointed as captain. It may be lacking, but I will be a player who devotes and sacrifices for the team, and I will do my best to promote K-League 1 this season.”

Vice-captain Jeong Won-jin said, “I will do my best to fulfill my role as a senior and vice-captain so that the team can go to the desired goal by uniting the team centered on the coach and (Lee) Han Do-hyeong.” Next, Kwon Hyuk-kyu said, “I will try to help (Lee) Do-hyung and (Jung) Won-jin-hyung so that the team can come together well this year. I will play the role of a stepping stone that connects his older brothers, friends, and younger siblings well.”

Busan I’Park leaves for field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand on the 9th and begins quenching for promotion to K-League 1 in the 2023 season.