‘Captain’s crazy presence, blow women’ conditions for PBA team league propaganda

Round 1 of the professional billiards (PBA) team league this season ended with the victory of NH Nonghyup Card. Above all, it is analyzed that the role of the claim was great.

In the first round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024’, which ended at the ‘Goyang Kintex PBA Stadium’ in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 11th, NH Nonghyup Card (7-1) beat Crown Haitai (6-2) by one point. Climbed to the top. He was the first to grab the ticket to advance to the postseason (PS), which is given to the winning team by round 5.

The commonality of the 1st and 2nd place teams was the great performance of the captain. NH Nonghyup Card Jo Jae-ho participated in 16 sets and won 13 wins and 3 losses (81.3% win rate), ranking first in the overall majority. Kim Jae-geun, who leads Crown Haetae, also won 12 wins and 1 loss with a win rate of 92.3%, ranking first among players who played more than 10 sets.

The team members also responded to the team leader’s promotion. NH Nonghyup Card has Kim Min-ah (9 wins, 5 losses) and Kim Bo-mi (7 wins, 4 losses), who are considered the strongest in women’s doubles, Oh Seong-wook, a ‘transfer student’, has 7 wins and 1 loss in doubles, and Antonio Montes (Spain), the rookie of the year, won 4 singles matches. The new faces who won all the victories also flew.

Crown Haetae also had strong female influences such as Baek Min-joo (12 wins and 4 losses) and Lim Jeong-suk (9 wins and 5 losses). Kim Tae-gwan (7 wins, 3 losses) and Oh Tae-joon (5 wins, 5 losses) of the new “Young Gun Duo” also performed well.

However, Crown Haetae suffered from the sluggish performance of ‘Ace’ David Martinez in seven matches. Even if Martinez, who won two victories on the PBA Tour, slightly increased his win rate, the main character of the first round championship could have changed.

The struggles of the newly joined teams this High1 Resort and SY made a soft landing in the league by ranking third and tied for fifth in the first round, respectively.  

These teams also showed the presence of female players. High1 Resort rose to third place with 4 wins and 4 losses (13 points), led by the duo of Lee Mi-rae (10-6) and Yong Hyun-ji (7-5). ‘Vietnamese divine’ Nguyen Phuong Linh (8 wins, 1 loss) also helped. In SY too, ‘eldest sister’ Han Seul-gi (5 wins, 4 losses), ‘youngest’ Han Ji-eun (5 wins, 7 losses), and Lee Woo-kyung (4 wins, 4 losses) played their part.

Huons, which recruited ‘Art Ball Master’ Semi Saigner (Turkiye) and Choi Seong-won, the first Korean to win the World 3-Cushion Championship, finished the first round with a record of 5 wins, 3 losses and 4th place. ‘Perfect Guy’ Javier Palazon (Spain) held the center of the team with 11 wins and 3 losses, while freshmen Jeon Ae-rin (5 wins and 4 losses) and Choi Seong-won (5 wins and 5 losses) performed well. However, the task is to adapt to the team league of ‘Super Rookie’ Jang Ga-yeon (4 losses) and Cygner (4 wins, 9 losses).

Hana Card, the winner of the first half of last season, tied for 5th with 3 wins and 5 losses. The ‘foreign duo’ Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (Vietnam) and Murat Nasi Chokhlu (Turkey) fought hard with 8 wins, 7 losses, 7 wins and 8 losses. However, female players such as ‘Billiard Empress’ Kim Ga-young (5-8), Kim Jin-ah (3-5), and Sakai Ayako (Japan, 2-6) are required to exert themselves.

SK Rent-A-Car (2-6) and Welcome Savings Bank (3-5) tied for 7th place with 9 points. Compared to female players such as Kang Ji-eun (7-6) and Hida Orie (Japan, 7-9), SK Rent-A-Car was disappointed with male players such as Kang Dong-gung (4-9) and Cho Joon-hwi (1-7). In Welcome Savings Bank, Kim Ye-eun (7 wins, 5 losses) played an active role, but was unable to overcome the gap of the strongest Frederic Kudron (Belgium).

‘Defending champion’ Blue One Resort (3 wins, 5 losses) stayed at the bottom with 6 points. There was no other player to support him except for Thorong Piabi (7 wins, 6 losses).메이저사이트

The second round of the team league will be held at the PBA-only stadium from the 16th to the 24th. It remains to be seen who will be the winner of the second round.

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