Catcher → Pitcher Success Case, FA Pitcher’s Biggest Fish Rapidly Rising. 30S challenge for 3 consecutive years that only Oh Seung-hwan – Son Seung-rak – Lim Chang-yong

30 saves for 3 consecutive years that only achieved the best finish. Will he set a record in the FA season and rise to the top pitcher’s record?

End of KT Wiz Kim Jae-yoon had an opportunity that couldn’t be better.

If Kim Jae-yoon finishes this season healthy, he will be given FA qualification. This is the result of constant effort and running after wearing the KT uniform as a special designation in 2015.

Kim Jae-yoon, who entered the US as a catcher, returned to Korea without any significant results. After joining KT, he turned to pitcher thanks to his strong shoulder that throws a fast ball, and has grown into a closer. Kim Jae-yoon, who made 14 saves in 2016, his second season, recorded 21 saves in 2020 to achieve the first 20-save breakthrough, and in 2021, he surpassed 30 saves for the first time with 32 saves to win the team’s regular league, and even finished the Korean Series played as a pitcher.

Last year, Kim Jae-yoon’s performance continued. He went 9-7 with 33 saves and a 3.26 earned run average in 61 games. Exceeded 30 saves for 2 consecutive years. This season, if you exceed 30 saves, it is three consecutive years. 헤라카지노

In the previous KBO league, only three people had 30 saves for three consecutive years. Lim Chang-yong recorded for Haitai Tigers-Samsung Lions from 1998 to 2000, and Samsung’s Oh Seung-hwan recorded from 2006 to 2008. Son Seung-rak of Nexen Heroes achieved it for the third time between 2012 and 2014. Coincidentally, they are ranked 1st to 3rd in career saves. Oh Seung-hwan, who is still playing active duty, is in first place with 370 saves, followed by Son Seung-rak with 271 saves and Lim Chang-yong with 258 saves.

Kim Jae-yoon is ranked 11th with 137 career saves. If he makes 30 or more saves as expected this year, he’ll be in the top 10.

Looking at the results of the last three years, Oh Seung-hwan ranked first with 93 saves, Ko Woo-seok, who won the save king last year, ranked second with 89 saves, and Kim Jae-yoon ranked third with 86 saves.

If he achieves 30 saves for three consecutive years and becomes a free agent, the team that needs a clear finish will have no choice but to salivate. Among the preliminary free agents this year, it is difficult to see a pitcher who will surpass Kim Jae-yoon. A situation where Kim Jae-yoon could become the biggest pitcher.

KT is considered one of the candidates for the championship this season as it has a stable starting lineup and batting ability. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to save. Can Kim Jae-yoon, who is considered a success story among players who turned from catcher to pitcher, hit the FA jackpot?

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