Celtic, which raised the transfer fee more… ‘Cho Kyu-sung is the only choice left’

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Competition among European clubs to recruit ‘World Cup Star’ Kyu-Sung Cho is getting fiercer.

A final decision is expected as early as this week, with Scotland Celtic offering a higher transfer fee than Mainz.

This is reporter Son Jang-hoon.

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At the end of last year, Celtic, a prestigious Scottish club, finished the World Cup in Qatar.

It is known that he offered 2.2 million pounds, or 3.3 billion won in our money, as the transfer fee for Cho Kyu-seong.

It was less than the 3.8 billion won that Jeonbuk wanted, but recently, Lee Jae-sung’s team, Bundesliga Mainz, raised the transfer fee. 토토사이트

British Sky Sports said today that Celtic offered Jeonbuk 3 million pounds, or about 4.5 billion won.

[British Sky Sports News]
“Celtic offered around 3 million pounds (approximately 4.5 billion won). Cho Kyu-sung scored two goals against Ghana at the World Cup in Qatar. Ever since, I have been interested in him.”

An official from Cho Kyu-seong’s side also said, “We have received an additional offer from Celtic,” and “If there are no more official letters from other clubs, Mainz and Celtic are the final candidates for transfer.”

Currently, there is no big difference in specific conditions such as transfer fees, so the variable is the possibility of starting and how quickly you can adapt.

Now, with only the Jeonbuk club and Cho Kyu-sung’s choice remaining, it is expected that within this week at the earliest, whether or not Cho Kyu-sung will advance to the European stage and where he will go will be finalized.

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