CEO Utsunomiya “Yang Jae-min is an important player, I hope many Korean fans will come to visit… ”

 Japanese professional basketball champion Utsunomiya Brex, who recruited Yang Jae-min (24, Utsunomiya Brex), is making good profits through marketing.메이저사이트

Japan Professional Basketball B-League champion Utsunomiya recruited Yang Jae-min as an Asian quarter player last October. Yang Jae-min is a big help to the team with his tall stature in defense inside and outside.

One thing to note is marketing. Utsunomiya has been regarded as the most popular team in the B-League from the beginning. The average number of spectators is close to 4,000. Marketing revenue is also competing for first place in the league. After recruiting Yang Jae-min, Utsunomiya developed new products such as ‘Yang Jae-min Seasoned Chicken’ and became a hit.

OSEN met Brex CEO Mitsumasa Fujimoto in Utsunomiya and asked about the secret. Despite being a young CEO, Mr. Fujimoto, 40 years old this year, personally managed all of the club’s business operations, including marketing and operations, excluding Brex’s power analysis and player recruitment. The decision-making method itself was different from KBL, which only stamped approval documents.

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