Choi Ji-man, who was concerned, but not attending became a reality… Lee Kang-cheol, “Why did you choose Choi Ji-hoon?”

 kt coach Lee Kang-cheol, who took the helm of the national team to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March, said from the time of the final list announcement, “Choi Ji-man (32, Pittsburgh) is the national team. I really hope he joins…” He couldn’t shake his anxiety.

Choi Ji-man, who moved from Tampa Bay to Pittsburgh in a trade this year, underwent elbow surgery after last season, which had plagued him throughout the season. It was the first year of the transfer, so Pittsburgh might allow him to be drafted. I didn’t know, but there was also a variable called elbow surgery, so I couldn’t help but be concerned about this and that. Even if I joined, if I wasn’t in normal condition, it was the same as wasting a seat. As a result, there is no WBC appearance for only Choi. Pittsburgh cited an elbow problem

. Choi Ji-hoon was not allowed to participate in the WBC. Choi Ji-hoon expressed his regret, but it is the decision of the club that gives the salary, so it is a situation to follow. The national team also selected a substitute player immediately after Choi Ji-hoon’s participation became difficult. It is Choi Ji-hoon (26‧ SSG)

Choi Ji-hoon is a first baseman, and Choi Ji-hoon is a player who plays the outfield including center fielder. Choi Ji-hoon is a mid- to long-distance hitter, while Choi Ji-hoon is a player with a high batting average, running base, and defense. Long-distance hitter No. The positions and styles are all different, so why did Lee choose Choi Ji-hoon?

Coach Lee, who met with ‘SpotTV News’ in Tucson, Arizona, where the kt camp is held, said, “I thought of two plans in case 바카라사이트only Choi didn’t work. There was a part I discussed with the coaches before that.” I thought it was a little rich. When I went to extensions or when I was fighting, I could have needed a lot of defense. In that respect, I thought Choi Ji-hoon was better.”

He added, “I chose Choi Ji-hoon because I can use all three places (outfield) even in defense.” Coach Lee predicts that it will be a tight match, starting with the first game of the first round and the most important match for us, Australia. Keep in mind the overtime. In such a situation, he judged that there was no one more suitable than Choi Ji-hoon to write as a large number of players, or to enter as a large runner and use as a large number of players after an inning shift.

Choi Ji-hoon is a player with sufficient qualifications. He appeared in all 144 games last season and recorded a batting average of 0.304, 10 home runs, 61 RBIs and 31 stolen bases. He has the best defense in the league. His feet are also fast. He was only eliminated because there were so many outstanding outfielders in the national team, but he was a player who struggled even before the final list. There was no great hesitation in his choice.

In addition, there is a judgment that Park Byeong-ho, who is mentioned as the starting first baseman, can be entrusted with first base defense because his ankle condition is better than expected. Park Byeong-ho also confidently said, “I am running normally. There were many areas of concern about the defense, but it is short and there are no major problems with the movements when moving and turning. The rehabilitation is going very well.” It is of interest whether Choi Ji-man and the national team’s misfortune will turn into a blessing in the future at an important juncture.

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