Choi Joon-yong looks at KCC and huffs, “Now I can’t just stop Ungi’s brother, can I?”

“From now on, (Heo) Woong shouldn’t be the only one blocking you.”

Choi Jun-yong boasted a unique mouth at the KCC free agent signing press conference held at the KBL Center on the 22nd. From his dreams of playing in the U.S. to sniping at his ‘parent’ Seoul SK, he produced a lot of stories in a short interview of less than an hour.토토사이트

He also had a lot to say about KCC, which is now his new home. “From the outside, KCC was a team that didn’t organize traffic. There are so many good players, but I thought they were not organized.”
He added, “If I were playing with them, I would give them passes to score one by one (laughs). I think I can organize traffic well enough, so I think I can play that role.”

Indeed, KCC has struggled greatly in recent years without a No. 1 resource. Without a guard who can run the offense, the synergy between the players hasn’t been as strong as it should be, but Choi is a player who can fill that role. He may not be able to play the No. 1 role for all 40 minutes, but as a point forward, he can control the game with his distractions and sharp passes.

“I’m not a player who is greedy to score, I’m just a crazy person who is thirsty to win,” says Choi. That’s why I want to help my players do well, and I also want to help my players be happy.”

Choi Jun-yong was full of praise for Heo Woong, who hasn’t played with him since his days at Yonsei. He said, “He’s a player who already has everything. He doesn’t need me to save him. He’s already got everything, and there’s nothing I can do to save him.” He added, “We’ve had a lot of opponent pressure and double teams, and even when we played SK, (Choi) Won-hyuk, (Oh) Jae-hyun, and a lot of other players said, ‘If we stop him, we win. Now I don’t have to stop Wong, but if they take their eyes off me and Kyo Chang-i, I think I’ll be able to play basketball very easily.” He was confident.

It was a confident talk that only Choi Jun-yong could give. He also said that SK is not a favorite to win without him. He also emphasized that KCC, where he came from, was the strongest favorite.

KCC is also hoping that Choi will be the final piece of the puzzle in their quest for the title, which they haven’t won in 13 years since the 2010-11 season. If Choi is the same player who was the MVP of the 2021-22 season, it’s not impossible.

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