Confession of an ace from Cy Young Young “Salary adjustment hurt my heart”

Ace Corbin Burns (29), from the 2021 National League Cy Young Award, and his team, the Milwaukee Brewers, were offended by the salary adjustment.

In an interview with local media such as ‘AP’ on the 17th (Korean time), Burns expressed his candid feelings about the club and salary adjustment, saying, “It was really painful to hear.”

Burns, who qualified for the second salary adjustment this season, lost the salary adjustment with the club.

He asked for an annual salary of 10.75 million dollars, but was defeated in the mediation committee and received an annual salary of 10.01 million dollars offered by the club.

“It was painful to hear and hard to accept,” he said about the emotions he felt during this process. He also expressed his disappointment with the club, saying,메이저사이트 “I don’t think it can be denied that the relationship with the club has been damaged over the past two weeks.”

In the mediation committee, a third person, the mediator, listens to the opinions of both the club and the player and chooses one of the suggested amounts from both sides. Both the club and the player argue without concessions to prove their claims are correct.

No matter how strong a major leaguer is, their feelings are bound to be hurt as long as they are human beings. Burns was no different.

“It is a process of finding out what my true value is. I have worked hard for the club for the past 7 years and have played in the big leagues for 5 years. And on the spot, the club hears me claiming that I have values ​​different from what I thought,” he said about the difficulty of adjusting his salary.

The biggest reason why he felt so hurt was because the team insisted as if he was responsible for the failure to advance to the postseason last year in the process of proving that their value calculation was correct. Last season, he had a 12-8 record with a 2.94 ERA in 33 appearances and 202 innings pitched, and 243 strikeouts, the most in the National League, was a heartbreaking situation.

He again expressed his regret about the club’s response, saying, “It’s not a matter of winning or losing.”

Regarding this, Matt Arnold, president of baseball operations for the Brewers, said in a statement, “The salary adjustment process always creates an uncomfortable situation for both the club and the players. It’s never easy to do something like this with the same family. I want to reiterate that we consider him an elite level player and a leader for our club. He is a player who contributes greatly to the team on and off the field and is looking forward to a good performance in the 2023 season.”

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