Conte’s worst mistake…wasting two world class players like this

Son Heung-min and Harry Kane failed to show proper synergy this season.

Football statistics media’OPTA’ announced on the 25th (Korean time) the ranking of the duo who made the most shots in the Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season.

Son Heung-min and Kane were included in the rankings, but they were not very satisfactory. Kane took 17 shots this season after receiving a pass from Son Heung-min. This was a record corresponding to a tie for 7th in the EPL. How many shots Son Heung-min received from Kane’s pass was not even included in the rankings.

Until last season, the picture of Son Heung-min finishing with a shot after receiving Kane’s pass was Tottenham’s biggest weapon. Son Heung-min became the first Asian soccer player to become the top scorer in the EPL, and Kane also showed off his creativity. 메이저놀이터

But this season, manager Antonio Conte gave Son Heung-min an unsuitable role to take advantage of Ivan Perisic’s aggression. Son Heung-min, whose aggressive involvement has decreased, did not even have many opportunities to shoot.

Kane also refrained from playing down to the midfield, and there were few opportunities for ‘Sonke Duo’ to show synergy properly. As a result, Sonkeduo’s destructive power has dropped significantly compared to the past. This atmosphere was also revealed in indicators.

Even compared to the attacking duo boasted by other big clubs. After receiving a pass from Bruno Fernandez, who ranked first, Marcus Rashford has attempted 26 shots this season. Thanks to that, Rashford is producing the best season of his life. The combination of Kevin De Bruyne and Elling Holland also tied for third place.

Arsenal’s record has been varied. Bukayo Saka, who received Martin Odegaard’s pass, shot 18 times, Gabriel Martinelli, who finished Saka’s pass with 17 shots, and Odegaard, who shot 16 times through Martinelli’s pass. It was Arsenal that did.

Tottenham could not properly utilize the synergy of the Son Heung-min and Kane duo this season, and at the same time, the attack was not diverse. Although Tottenham ranked 4th in the most points in the league, it was also the reason why the attack felt stuffy. Most of the offense was cross-oriented, and there were many times when we relied on Kane’s personal ability.

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