Corey Seager’s 2nd degree hamstring tear… Will the ‘glass body’ be revived?

Corey Seager (28, Texas Rangers) is expected to miss at least four weeks.

Texas general manager Chris Young explained after the match against the Kansas City Royals on the 12th (local time), “As a result of the MRI scan, it was confirmed that Seager had a second-degree hamstring tear.” A second-degree tear is an injury where the tear is large and incomplete. It is expected that he will miss at least a month to recover.

Seager stood at bat in a one-out situation at the end of the fifth inning the previous day. He hit the ball from Jordan Lyles (32, Kansas City) and made a double, but complained of pain in his left leg while running. Shortly after he was replaced by runner Josh Smith (25).

After the match, some fans expressed concern that Seager’s ‘glass body’ might be reviving. This is because, except for 2016 (157 games), 2017 (145 games), and 2020 (52 games), he has been absent due to frequent injuries and has not played many games.

He seemed to overcome this weakness by playing 151 games last year, but this season, he broke away from the beginning of the season, causing concern from fans.

General Manager Young said, “No one can replace Siger’s competence, but he often leads to opportunities for other players to step up. Making good use of that opportunity is what good teams do,” he said. “All good teams, all teams suffer injuries. You never know who will get injured when, but it’s not good to be frustrated.” 안전놀이터

Seeger expressed his will to recover, saying, “There is nothing I can do now other than cheer on his teammates and try to get them healthy.”

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