Daegu International Marathon Masters accepted… It seems to be ending early

The application for participation in the 2023 Daegu International Marathon  Masters, which has been promoted to a gold label, is expected to close early. Citizens are very interested in the 2023 Daegu International Marathon, which will  바카라사이트

be held on April 2nd,  as it was decided  that the runners and masters players, who are regular participants, will run together  in downtown Daegu for the first time in four years  since the outbreak of COVID-19 . Lastly, the  number of participants increased more than 20 times compared to the same period compared  to the  2019 competition,  which was held in the downtown course section .  expected. So far, by region,  Daegu has the most applications with 57% of participants,  followed by 26% from Yeongnam  and 10% from Seoul and the metropolitan area.

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