Davis’ ‘Dream Showdown’ KO win, undefeated streak in 29 matches… “I am the face of boxing”

The moment the two bodies, which weighed 136 pounds (61.68 kg), punched and entangled, the left fist of Low Bonta Davis (28, Southpaw) hit the right side of Ryan Garcia (24, Orthodox). The pain came seconds later. As the accumulated ‘River Blow’ damage dragged Garcia to the floor, he soon collapsed onto his knees. Referee Thomas Taylor stopped the game and counted the heat, and Garcia was unable to stand up. It was 1 minute 44 seconds in the 7th round.

On the 23rd (Korean time), Davis defeated Garcia by KO in a 136-pound non-title round 12 boxing match held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USA. The match between the two undefeated boxers, which took place in years following the wishes of boxing fans around the world, ended with the victory of the current champion (WBA lightweight) Davis. It was 29 wins in 29 matches in his career, and his 27th KO victory. Garcia’s 23-win (19 KO) undefeated career, four years younger than Davis, was marked with a bitter ‘one loss’. 온라인카지노

Garcia, who was virtually an underdog, came out with an operating strategy that saw a rough match from the beginning. Garcia warmed up the field by hitting a series of left hooks, his specialty, within 30 seconds of the start of the second round after finishing the first round search match. However, while falling and hugging repeatedly, Davis’s left hand counter landed on the left side of Garcia’s face with one minute left in the round. Garcia tasted the first down, and the flow of the game gradually turned to the seasoned Davis.

Davis landed 35 of 103 punches that day. Hit rate 34%. He used fewer fists than Garcia (24% hit rate), who swung 163 times and hit 39 times, but his hit rate was much higher. He is 12 cm taller than Garcia (178 cm). Richie was short of 7cm (171-178), and he measured the distance calmly and picked out two heavy final blows worthy of the nickname ‘tank’, and had fun with the body shots he steadily accumulated every round. After the match, he celebrated his victory with a fierce ‘head banging’.

It was a precious match in which the two hottest stars in the world boxing world collided head-on in their heyday. Garcia, who has 9.9 million Instagram followers, was in the process of overturning the sarcasm of being a fine ‘Instagram boxer’ from game to game. Davis, who made a name for himself with his invincible fist, was thirsty for greater glory. The match, which was concluded after Garcia’s continuous provocation, was as splendid as expected.

Amid the victory chants, Davis said, “I am the face of boxing. There is no doubt,” he said, declaring his era.

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