Deeper Goal

Song Min-hyeok (22) learned to play Go around the age of 6 and became a research student in the 6th grade of elementary school. In 2019, he rose to first place in Group 1, but was eliminated after finishing second in the joining competition, and came out of a research student due to his age difference. He has won two national championships, including ‘Sword of Dawn’ (in 2021) and Jangbae in Daegu (in 2022), since he was refurbished as an amago master. He probably also has experience breaking through the preliminaries with LG boats and Samsung fire boats.먹튀검증

Woo Sang-gwi is not alive. 26 is natural. After progressing to 31, White cuts it to 32, leading to another complicated battle. With 32, it was okay if I put it at ‘A’ to catch 3 points in black and keep it stable and keep it with 35 in black. Up to page 32, page 36, it is a single path. The reference 1 degree with 37 is the breakdown of black up to white 6. 41 also had other options. It was also possible to save the right side and compromise like the reference 2 degree.

If it is 41, up to 50 is inevitable. So far, both black and white are the best progress, and the situation is tight. Reference to 51 It is difficult to carry out a group fight of 3 degrees because of the fat feeling of A and B. Instead, the operation that took 53 was wise. With 58, it was good to attach it to ‘me’ and grow the upper left ear. As 59 and 61 were agile and the goal of Sangbyeon Heukjin deepened, he hurriedly jumped into 64, and White’s win rate began to drop sharply.

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