‘Director please sign too’ Director Klinsman breathes with fans through open training

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann met fans through open training.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) held an ‘Open Training Day’ at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium at 10 am on the 25th. 300 fans watched the players train from the stands. The Korean men’s national soccer team played a friendly match against Colombia at the same venue the day before and drew 2-2.

The 23 players, excluding Kim Jin-su, who was injured during the game against Colombia, and Song Bum-keun, who was not feeling well, were divided into three groups. Nine players, including Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, who started the day before, and Ki-je Lee, who was replaced in the first half, conducted recovery training with light running and stretching. Ten players included in the replacement list, including Oh Hyun-gyu and Lee Kang-in, played ball spinners and mini-games. Goalkeepers Cho Hyeon-woo and Kim Seung-gyu trained with goalkeeper coach Andreas Köpke, and Kwon Kyung-won, known for his poor condition, trained separately that day as well.

Fans who watched the players’ training from the stands moved to a separate space installed on one side of the ground around 11:00 am. When the players approached during training, fans shouted their names and delivered cheering messages, and the players waved their hand.

After the players finished the training that lasted about an hour, a full-fledged fan service began. The players lined up to thank the fans for visiting the open training session, and began to take pictures and sign autographs as they approached. Team captain Son Heung-min, midfield and defense core Kim Min-jae, Hwang In-beom, ‘World Cup star’ Lee Kang-in and Cho Kyu-seong, and other players faithfully responded to the fans’ support.

Manager Klinsman, who had been standing far away from the other coaching staff, watched the players for a while before approaching the fans. Fans asked the newly appointed manager Klinsman for an autograph, and manager Klinsman kindly responded to the fans’ request.토토사이트

Coach Klinsman entered Korea on the 8th and started his duties as a coach for the Korean national team. Since then, he has met domestic fans at airports and K-League 1 stadiums, but this was the first time he met fans up close through an official schedule.

The day before, I first encountered the warm support of Korean fans. Klinsman’s debut game against Colombia was sold out early. On the day of the match, 35,727 people came to the stadium to support the national team. Coach Klinsman thanked the fans who filled the stadium, saying, “Thank you to the fans,” at a press conference held after his debut match.

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