Director Seol Ki-hyeon of ‘4th Year’ “I think Kim Cheon will do the best… Our goal is to get promoted.”

The goal of Seol Ki-hyeon (44), coach of Gyeongnam FC, is ‘promotion’. 

Coach Seol Ki-hyun said at the 2023 season K-League winter field training media day held at the Arina Hotel in Milyang-si, Gyeongnam on the 15th, “As I took the opportunity again, I have to make good use of my strengths as a coach in the 4th year. Compared to his first season, there are only 3 or 4 existing players left. He was confident that he was being made up of players who fit my soccer.” 

In 2020, Seol Ki-hyun, who took the lead in Gyeongnam, repeatedly challenged the promotion. It wasn’t easy. Gyeongnam advanced to the playoffs except for the 2021 season, but each time I heard a bitter cup. Coach Seol, who received another opportunity by signing a one-year renewal contract ahead of this season, is determined to be promoted for the 2023 season. 

Coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “It is important to create what has been organized over the past three years without lacking more this season. I think it is important to challenge with such a goal,” he said. It is difficult to predict who will make the playoffs. Our goal is promotion. We will challenge ourselves to achieve our goal, either directly or through the playoffs.”

Next, Q&A with director Seol Ki-hyeon.

– Commitment this season.
We prepare similarly every year. After completing the first Namhae training, he came to Miryang and is preparing detailed tactics. It has been 4 years since I led Gyeongnam FC. My goal this year is to organize the lacking parts well, but I think that I can differentiate myself from other teams as a coach in the 4th year only when the perfection of my soccer is improved. Last season, there were a lot of patients, so it was difficult. I hope this year will be a situation where we pay attention to this part and lead the way we thought from the beginning.

-I’m curious about your impressions of the renewal of the contract.
I thought it would be difficult to renew the contract because I couldn’t reach the final goal. I am grateful to the new owner for trusting me once more. As much as I got another chance, I have to make good use of my strengths as a coach in my fourth year. Compared to the first season, there are about 3-4 existing players left. It is a story that I am being composed of players who fit my soccer. The team color I was trying to do should appear this year. I have to create results, and I think I have to make a team with a color.

-What color can I expect?
I scored a lot of goals last year, but I conceded a lot. If we made the opponent difficult systematically and matched the players’ abilities, there was a problem with the defense organization as we continued to use our strengths and attack. I have seen a lot of good teams create offense based on stability in defense. This year, I will strike a good balance to find stability in the offense and defense, and create a football with a high level of perfection that I think. I felt that Gyeongnam had to play football like this. You have to come to the stadium. We need to show it more clearly this year.

-There seems to be little reinforcement such as defense.
I think this year’s team composition is the best we’ve been in for 4 years. Since there are no signings of famous players, reinforcement seems to be invisible, but the midfield and both backs, which were weak last year, were weak. Ujooseong suffered a serious injury during the winter season, so he played last. There were no notable recruitments, but in terms of substance, reinforcement was good. I think the composition is better than ever. Rather, I have higher expectations. 

-Foreign strikers played a big role, what are your expectations for the newly recruited players?
Foreign players are individually outstanding, so the threat is less than last season. Glayson and Castro are working really hard. As a manager, the most important thing when building a team is how much team play you do. There is a risk in relying on them. My skills may be a little off, but I do it when I do it with my individual ability, and if I play as a team, it seems to be a plus factor for the team. If we harmonize with the existing domestic players, I think we can create a good image. There is one foreign TO left, so we plan to reinforce it by selecting a different type of player from the two players.

– I think I’ll do it thinking it’s the last time.
I always thought it was the last. Thank you so much for giving me another chance. We strive every year to produce results. Results don’t come out just because they produce results, so I think it’s more competitive in the end to be more certain about the soccer you want to play. It is not easy to be a professional coach for 4 years. I will use the familiarity and organizational skills that I can have over a long time as my strengths. Foreign players are not exceptional, but when 11 players go on the field, they will become a team and build a team that makes opponents difficult through organization. The soccer I want to play was lackluster, but I am making up for it a lot. The goal is to create a perfect team. The first thing is to build a competitive team. You shouldn’t chase results. I practice a similar pattern of defense and offense every day. 

– You have to produce results, but don’t you think you lack competitiveness?
very lacking He started in Gyeongnam as a professional coach, and found several shortcomings. I think it is difficult for us to play football with color. It’s hard to push through until it’s finished. I think it’s difficult to do it perfectly from the beginning. It is also necessary to work hard and improve until it is completed, and to admit when it is메이저사이트 wrong. As a coach in my 4th year, I lacked a lot, but I think I did well in organizing the players and leading the team in one direction. As much as the new owner gave us a chance, we have to make it complete. It is important to create what has been organized over the past three years without lacking more this season. I think it is important to have such a goal and take on challenges. 

– The time required for the completion of football.
I will do it until 

– There are many words going around, such as the dissolution of Gyeongnam and the K3 League. How do you feel?
It is important to do what we can do well. There are many things going on, and I think the club will solve the problem well. I’m saying that such things will happen, but I don’t think it’s 100% certain. I think that the Sido Mingu team is always in such a situation. The important thing is to instill a lot of interest from the citizens and trust in the investment value. So what we have to do is to create a situation where we can become the team we think of next season by doing what we have to do and what we can do well.

– This season’s K League 2 map and the realistic position of Gyeongnam.
As the season progresses, things change. I think Kim Cheon will do the best, and the rest seems to be a competition. It is difficult to predict who will make the playoffs. Promotion is our goal, and we will challenge ourselves to achieve that goal, either directly or through the playoffs.

-Gyeongnam ranks second in terms of annual salary, so the burden and responsibility must be great.
I think it is important to keep investing. Gyeongnam is making a lot of investment in the second part. It is not simply a promotion, but it is a team that should aim to win the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) and K League 1 even after promotion. He told his players that he should not be content with simply being promoted. When such steady investment is made, when we achieve promotion and go to the first division, I think we will be competitive. 

– A team that will compete fiercely with Gyeongnam.
We had a difficult game every time against a difficult team. I don’t know which team to compete with, but Bucheon or Chungnam-Asan were difficult. It seems that what kind of results you make in matches with these teams will determine whether you can go to a higher position or not. I am training by analyzing the difficult part. It was difficult against physically strong, hard-working teams. We are gearing up to get results against these teams.

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