Doherty, who was actually ‘released’, protects Conte “Don’t leave Tottenham”

 Director Antonio Conte’s hardship entered the ‘countdown’.

There was even a report that Daniel Levy was negotiating a penalty before he sacked Conte. Conte led 3-1 against Southampton on the 19th (hereafter Korean time), but then showed anger close to cursing at a non-reporter with a score of 3-3.

Some Tottenham players also protested. Claims were made that there were also voices demanding immediate hardening.

Pierre Emil Hoivier, who was called up to the Danish national team, expressed his views directly. Although he understood Conte’s position, he expressed regret, saying, “When I think of myself, I am an honest player. I always devote 100% to the team. However, the coach needs to explain things more accurately in order to engrave something in the player’s heart.” did.

Matt Doherty’s remarks after leaving Tottenham are also a hot topic. He moved from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid on the last day of the January transfer window. 먹튀검증

Initially, Tottenham planned to send Doherty on loan, but decided to terminate the contract as the ‘leasing quota’ was full. It was absurd for Doherty, but it was special for manager Conte.

After being called up from the Irish national team, he said on the 22nd, “Coach Conte was an incredible coach and manager. I hope he stays at Tottenham for a long time. He won’t tell the press what he didn’t tell the players. He has a passion for the whole club. He is one of the best managers ever.”

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