Doncic who showed a dunk shot “I’m used to it now”

Dallas Mavericks guard Luca Doncic, who seemed far from a dunk shot, showed off an explosive dunk that day and revealed his thoughts on it.

On the 17th (Korean time), Doncic looked back on the day’s game in an interview after winning a 130-110 home game against the Portland Trail Blazers held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Doncic, who ran for 28 minutes and 50 seconds and recorded 33 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists, excited the home fans by showing an exciting dunk shot with 2 minutes and 55 seconds remaining in the third quarter. When asked about this scene, he smiled and said, “I’m used to it now.” “I have the greatest bounce on our team,” he said, emphasizing that he also has the ability to dunk.

He pretended to try a 3-point shot from the center, deceived the opponent’s defense, broke through and made a dunk shot with the opponent in front of him.

When asked if he would like to participate in the dunk contest during the All-Star period, he refused, saying, “I need to rest.”

Teammate Christian Wood, who scored 32 points that day, said of Doncic’s dunk scene, “It was really cool.” Regarding Doncic’s comment that ‘I have the most bounce in the team’, he said, “I also talked about this with me, but I said, ‘It will never happen’. I like the confidence,” he laughed.

On this day, Dallas won a huge victory over Portland with Doncic and Wood scoring 65 points together. This is the first time that two Dallas players have scored more than 30 points in one game since Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis (32 points each) scored against the San Antonio Spurs on November 12, 2021.

Doncic praised Wood for showing a good performance in the offense and defense, saying, “Not to mention that he was amazing in attack, he succeeded in attracting the attention of opponents in defense.” 안전놀이터

Manager Jason Kidd said, “Wood was good on both sides of the offense and defense. I think he did really well. His performance in the second quarter had a decisive impact on today’s game,” he praised Wood’s performance. “It’s a lot easier on the defensive side. He showed this in today’s game as well.”

Wood said, “I tried to be the center of the defense in a situation where both Maxie (Maxie Cleaver) and Diffie (Dwight Powell) were missing.” Regarding the offense, he expressed satisfaction with his play, saying, “I think I made a lot of mismatches in pack-in-roll and pick-and-pop situations.”

He, who said he played aggressively that day, said, “My colleagues believed in me and kept putting the ball where I could score. I came off the bench and tried to score and energize my teammates. This is what this team wanted by bringing me in,” he said, working to do his part.

It’s nice to have a big win, but there were also injuries. Center Powell was out during the game due to a left thigh injury. “All I can say now is that he was hurt,” Kidd said. It probably won’t come out tomorrow.”