“Dream Club is Liverpool”… ‘over 130 billion won’ Croatia DF, next destination?

Will Yoshko Gbardiol (21, Leipzig) head to the Premier League?

Gbardiol is a Croatian defender born in 2002. He started playing football in his home country as a child, and after making his professional debut at Dinamo Zagreb in 2019, moved to Leipzig ahead of the 2021-2022 season, establishing himself as the team’s main defender.

He has a stocky physique and quick speed, so he doesn’t give up space easily, and his stable build-up ability is an advantage. What’s more, he’s a left-footed player and has attracted interest from many big clubs. 메이저사이트

In this World Cup, his ransom jumped even more. He played full-time as a starter in all matches until 3rd or 4th place, scoring 1 goal.

Interest in gbardiol grew even more. He jumped into the competition to recruit not only Premier League teams such as Manchester City, Tottenham and Chelsea, but also Real Madrid. With links to big clubs from this summer, Leipzig wants more than 100 million euros (approximately 134.1 billion won) in transfer fees.

Among them, Gbardiol revealed his dream club. He told the Croatian media ‘RTLDanas’, “My dream club is definitely Liverpool. I watched a lot of matches with his father from a young age.”

Gbardiol’s remarks are remarks that will draw attention to fans, but then he showed that he is seriously thinking about his future. “I want to spend the remaining six months of this season in Leipzig. I haven’t shown anything here yet. There is still time and we will see the plans of other teams. A move to Chelsea this summer was almost agreed upon, but Leipzig held on.”