Even during the 3-year hiatus, the background of Klinsmann appointment that Müller should explain well

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Michael Müller, head of the Korea Football Association’s Power Reinforcement Committee, has a lot to answer. There have always been some evaluations from the outside regarding the appointment of the national team coach, but the doubts regarding the appointment of Jurgen Klinsmann as coach are quite different from those of the past.

The Korea Football Association officially announced that it had appointed coach Jurgen Klinsmann as the next head coach of the Korean national football team at 5:00 pm on the 27th. Nicknamed the ‘Golden Bomber’ during his active career and reigning as one of the strongest strikers in the 1990s, coach Klinsmann, who was a star who reigned as a leader, led the German national soccer team to the 2006 FIFA World Cup semifinals and the US national soccer team to the 2014 FIFA World Cup semifinals. He made his own achievements, such as the FIFA World Cup Brazil Round of 16.

Nevertheless, he sends an uneasy gaze from the outside. This is distinctly different from when his predecessor, coach Paulo Bento, took the helm of the Korean national football team. Although coach Bento had his ups and downs, he was a leader who followed trends by going back and forth between various clubs until he took over as coach of the Korean national soccer team.

After failing in China, there were concerns about whether his career had collapsed or whether his soccer philosophy was in line with Korean socce메이저사이트r, but at least there was no career vacuum. Even coach Uli Stielike had a relationship with Korea while continuing his coaching career by wandering around several countries in the Middle East.

On the other hand, coach Klinsmann has not taken charge of any team since the memory of three years ago when he resigned in disgrace from the Hertha Berlin headquarters. It is said that he tried to learn his own sense of reality by working as a member of the FIFA TSG (Technical Study Group). A hiatus is definitely an element of anxiety.

Even coach Klinsman is known as one of the leaders who lacks tactical ability. It is well known that he relied on competent head coaches such as Joachim Löw. The fact that the leader, who is already evaluated as lacking in tactical ability, even had a long hiatus further amplifies the already full of doubts.

Of course, there are leaders who have achieved great results despite a very long hiatus. For example, director Otto Mar Hitzfeld. After resigning from Bayern Munich coaching in 2004, coach Hitzfeld, who had been a savage for three years, took the helm of Bayern Munich again in the 2007-2008 season and led the Bundesliga championship that year. He immediately moved to the coaching tower of the Swiss national football team and contributed to the success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

However, it is unreasonable to compare Hitzfeld’s case with Klinsmann’s now. Coach Hitzfeld was a leader who enjoyed an era in which he always gave trophies to teams that went through after becoming a leader. He was a proven coach in many virtues, including tactics and control of the squad. In short, he was a leader who was far ahead in terms of ‘inner air’. It was the reason why Bayern Munich appointed him despite his 3-year hiatus. However, despite director Klinsman’s introduction of the achievements mentioned at the beginning, several labels follow. In the midst of this, even the blank period is an obstacle. Certainly, I have many doubts.

Chairman Muller, who exercised the greatest authority in the process of appointing Klinsmann as head coach, will be able to give strength to the newly launched national team only when this doubt is completely put to rest. As Kim Pan-gon, former chairman of the Korea Football Association’s power reinforcement committee four years ago, explained to fans by opening almost the entire contract process, a detailed explanation may be needed. Chairman Müller is scheduled to explain the process of appointing manager Klinsman at the Korea Football Association at 2:00 pm on the 28th.

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