Fighting spirit KS winning hero, goodbye for a while… Kim Taek-hyung’s dream of a ‘real closer’

For the first time in my life, I was given the honorable title of ‘opening finish’. Personally, it was a season with high expectations. In the beginning, it seemed to be cruising, overcoming the crisis well. However, he could not continue to hold out with the dropped ball and the weapon he grasped. There were more days of worrying and feeling sorry than days of laughing. The finish line was so far away for a while.

It was not easy to find a smile on Kim Taek-hyung’s (27‧ SSG) face throughout the season. It was different from the usual, which was always pleasant. I could immediately sense the weight on his shoulders and the disappointment in myself. Fortunately, though, he laughed at the end. He took the mound in every match in the Korean Series, dominated the moment, and contributed greatly to the team’s combined victory. He pitched 5⅓ innings in five games, giving up only two hits and no runs. Taekhyung Kim’s share was substantial.

Immediately after winning the Korean Series Game 6, Kim Taek-hyung was smiling more than anyone else, as if trying to make up for his failure to laugh. It was a season that he did not fulfill himself, but the splendid finale may have slightly erased the hardships of his mind so far. Such Kim Taek-hyung was soon telling a realistic story. “Now I have to prepare well and enlist,” he said with a smile. I wanted to enjoy this sweet time more, but the plan was scheduled, and it was after I decided to fulfill my duty in the defense.

Kim Taek-hyung, who applied for the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu), is finally accepted and will enlist on the 16th. He has been very busy for two months after winning the Korean Series. As much as he had to throw the ball in the military, his workouts continued steadily. At the same time, he had time to calmly organize his surroundings while meeting his acquaintances. He was not much different from the usual enlisted people. Kim Taek-hyung laughed and said, “He spent a lot of time.”

There were two options. Kim Taek-hyeong, who had a history of elbow surgery, was also able to work in the public service. However, Kim Taek-hyung, who was worried, took the strand to the managing director in the middle of the season. Although he is in the 2nd team, there was something he wanted to do while throwing the ball in the actual game. He recalled that the advice of Kim Gwang-hyun, a team senior who relied on many things, was also decisive.

Kim Taek-hyung said, “I talked a lot with Gwanghyeon hyung and his brothers, but I heard that ‘I think it would be better to go to Sangmu.’ I think it will be a plus if I make something and come back. He said that it would be completely different to fly the whole two years (as a public service worker) and to do it in July.’ After hearing that story, I think my thoughts changed a lot.” explained.

Taekhyung Kim has the best slider in the league, reaching mid to late 140 km/h. Against his left-handed hitter, he still boasts an ‘extremely strong’ aspect. However, in order to become the ‘finish’, the final goal he dreams of himself, he must not cover the batter’s hand. Kim Taek-hyeong also emphasized, “The batting average against right-handed hitters is high. In order to become a pitcher who can go out in all situations, the right hand must also play opponents.” The reason he makes forkball his biggest challenge is also related to this. It is a determination to draw such a picture in Sangmu and deal with others.

He said he wanted to throw a lot. That way you can experiment a lot. So the story of selection came out. Kim Taek-hyung’s dream is to finish rather than start. He doesn’t mean to turn into a starter. Kim Taek-hyung said, “I can only throw one inning in the middle, so I throw a lot as a starter, refine it a bit, and then come to the bullpen and think about using it. talked 스포츠토토

If it is short, it is short, if it is long, it is a long service period of 1 year and 6 months. Kim Taek-hyung laughed, saying, “I only need to sleep for 547 days,” and said, “I think it will pass without hesitation once winter passes and the season begins.” During his military service, his biggest goal is to return to health and a real finish. Kim Taek-hyung finished his enlistment greetings with the ambition of “I want to have a certain finishing position.” SSG fans who vividly remember Kim Taek-hyung’s fighting spirit are also waiting for the day when he achieves his goal and greets him in good health.

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