Finding a ‘Post Bento’ that has returned to the starting point, conditions and conditions are difficult 

The top priority for Korean soccer in the new year is the appointment of the next national team coach. The head coach of the national team is currently vacant as coach Paulo Bento (55, Portugal), who led the 2022 Qatar World Cup round of 16, chose a new challenge instead of renewing the contract.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) plans to complete the selection of new national team coaching staff by the end of February, centering on the new national team power reinforcement committee chairperson Michael Müller (58), but it may take some time. After the resignation of Vice Chairman Lee Yong-soo, the former chairperson of the Power Reinforcement Committee, the appointment of ‘Post Bento’ has returned to the starting point. Regarding the first group of candidates selected by Vice-Chairman Lee, Chairman Mueller said, “We review them from a blank page. He will also mobilize his personal network,” he expressed his refusal.

First of all, the selection criteria are clear. ▲Professionalism ▲Experience ▲Motivation ▲Teamwork ▲Environment are emphasized. ‘Remote command’, which stays in one’s country and visits Korea only for A matches, is excluded. Among the success factors of ‘Bentuho’, the coaching staff’s long stay in Korea also played a role.

Having served as a German Football Association leader instructor, under 15 (U-15) coach, U-18 national team scout, and U-21 national team scout, Chairman Müller took office as a KFA instructor and instructor in 2018 and established a relationship with Korea. Having held the position twice, he is well aware of the importance of harmony. The 2026 World Cup, which will be co-hosted by three North and Central American countries (Canada, the United States, and Mexico), has increased the number of participating countries to 48, making it relatively easy to pass the regional qualifiers, so Korea should prepare for the finals in advance. 메이저사이트

The problem is money. The greater the career and reputation, the higher the ransom, and the more expensive, the better the ability, reducing the probability of failure. It is also necessary to keep in mind the cost of staying in Korea for coaches, commonly referred to as ‘divisions’. However, KFA’s budget is limited.

German media Bild, which compared the ransom of coaches from 32 countries participating in the Qatar World Cup, estimated Bento’s annual salary at 1.3 million euros (approximately 1.75 billion won, 11th overall). The possibility of exceeding 1.5 million euros (approximately 2.02 billion won) is slim. Since this is the ‘preparation season’ rather than the World Cup season, a lower amount may be set.

However, now is the time when many countries are focusing their efforts on appointing a commander. Major soccer powerhouses such as Belgium and Brazil are also looking for a new coach. Korea, which is still a periphery, is less attractive, and the ‘working conditions’ are not good, so there are few leaders who dare to take on the challenge.

Moreover, the new head coach must live up to high expectations. Now is the time for the public as well as the players to reveal the manager they want without hesitation. Strong leadership that unites a team full of individuality is fundamental, and finding a leader with a clear direction and philosophy is not as easy as one might think.

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