Gen MZ athletes enjoy training…the problem is the ‘turf variable’

Our athletes had their final training session to upbeat music.

The athletes are in top shape, but the challenge is to adapt to the stadium grass, which is in the worst condition.

Sunwoo Park reported from Argentina.메이저놀이터


One day before the quarter-finals, the players are light on their feet as they head to the training ground for a final warm-up.

Lee Young-jun, the tall striker, carries a large speaker with music he has selected himself.

The players are tired from the hard work of the quarter-final extra-time match, but the upbeat music lifts their spirits.

[Lee Ji-han, U20 National Football Team: “(Lee) is playing a role (in keeping the mood up). It’s important that the mood is always good, so we talk about fun things to keep the mood up as much as possible.”]

During the two-team training sessions, the team refined their tactics, including quick transitions and counter-attacks, as well as exploiting Italy’s weaknesses on the flanks.

Compared to the quarter-final, which was played on two days’ rest, the team will have three days off before the quarter-final, so they are in good shape.

[Lee Seung-won, U-20 national football team: “I’m thinking that if I (as captain) show more sacrifice to the players, better results will follow.”]

The Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, where the match would be played, showed signs of paying homage to its namesake.

However, the pitch was patchy in places, with Kim calling it the worst grass of the tournament.

Unlike us, who had to quickly adapt to an unfamiliar surface, Italy had played their round of 16 match at this stadium before.

Dreaming of repeating the miracle their seniors achieved four years ago, they are now aiming for greater heights.

I’m Sunwoo Park, reporting for KBS News from La Plata.

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