Greek tennis star wearing ‘Japanese soccer jersey’, “It’s a symbol of the samurai”

 There is a Greek player who is preparing for the tennis Australian Open wearing a Japanese soccer team uniform.

Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas (24) wore the away uniform of the Japanese national soccer team while preparing for the Australian Open (total prize money of 76.5 million Australian dollars) to open in Melbourne, Australia on the 16th. This uniform is the new Adidas uniform announced ahead of the opening of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Tsitsipas is a tennis player sponsored by Adidas. Even if it is the same brand, it is unusual for a tennis player to train in public wearing a different sports uniform. In addition, he chose the Japanese uniform of Asia, not the uniform of his home country, the Greek national soccer team.

Here’s an interesting point. In fact, the Japanese soccer team players have never worn this away uniform at the Qatar World Cup. Japan played in a total of 4 matches, including 3 group stage matches and the round of 16, and wore a blue home uniform in all 4 matches. This is because the colors of the home uniforms of the opposing teams (Germany, Costa Rica, Spain, and Croatia) do not overlap.

Chichipas said, “The Japanese uniform I wear is a medium that connects the spirit of sports and the spirit of the Japanese samurai. “It is clothes that contain Japanese cultural heritage,” he said. “It also connects the modern and the ancient. It contains both the power of the present age and the beauty of the ancient times,” he wrote on social media. 안전놀이터

Tsitsipas is a notorious football fanatic. Shortly before the Qatar World Cup final between Argentina and France, he posted a picture on social media wearing the Argentina captain Messi uniform. Below that, he prayed for Argentina’s victory, saying, “Let’s go, Argentina!”

As Tsitsipas had hoped, Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar. Messi set various World Cup records and became the best player of the tournament. Meanwhile, Greece, the homeland of Tsitsipas, failed to participate in the World Cup in Qatar as it was eliminated from the European qualifiers.

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