Group 1↔Futures Camp, ‘only 20 minutes’ away…is there a better ‘motivation’

 Professional baseball Samsung makes an unprecedented attempt. The futures spring camp location has been changed. go to okinawa This is not the first overseas camp. This time the meaning is different. Set up next to the 1st team campsite. It is expected to be a definite motivator.

The Samsung 1st team will leave for Okinawa via Incheon International Airport on the 30th. The camp runs until March 10th. Ten practice matches are also scheduled, including five matches against the Japanese team and five matches against the domestic team.

The Futures team will also board a plane a day later on the 31st. Return is on February 26th. There are not too many players. The first team has 43 players, but the Futures has 36 players, including 12 rookies. In total, there are 79 players.

Both campgrounds are close by. The first team is Akama Stadium, Onna Village, and the Futures is Ishikawa Stadium. It is approximately 7 km away based on vehicle movement. You can get there in 10-20 minutes. 메이저사이트

Futures are important for any team. However, it is not easy to go to an overseas camp when considering the cost and other factors. So Samsung’s decision is surprising. They even set up a futures camp right next to the first team.

A Samsung official said, “It is the first time that the Futures team is going to Okinawa with the 1st team. It was prepared from the second half of last year. Going to Okinawa for the finish camp last year is part of that,” he explained.

He continued, “We want to strengthen our internal power through competition, training, and changes in guidance methods. The first team and the Futures were sent to the same place, and a Japanese pitching coach was also recruited. A coach who values ​​the amount of training also came. We are proceeding strategically for fostering,” he emphasized.

It can be a powerful motivator for Futures players. 10 to 20 minutes is enough for a ‘call-up’. If you stand out, you can go to Futures Camp in the morning and go to the first team during training. Coach Park Jin-man can also look at players in a wide range. It is a big picture for nurturing.

A Samsung official said, “Even if it takes time, internal reinforcement is important. The mindset of Futures players will also change. Because it is Japanese, the budget is relatively low. The baseball field was also empty.”

“Director Park Jin-man can also see many players. It will be a stimulus for first-team players. It will be a very tough workout. Wouldn’t that stimulation be one of the factors that can withstand training? I hope the 1st team and Futures grow together.”

Samsung seeks to restore its reputation. It ranked second in the regular league in 2021, but failed to advance to fall baseball in the 2022 season. This year should be different. The theme is upbringing. So the Futures Okinawa Camp has a lot of implications.

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