Hallelujah of professional table tennis, the first win of the season of tears in 10 games

Hallelujah of the professional table tennis men’s division, which fell into the pit of 9 consecutive losses in the opening season, won its first victory two months after the opening of the league.

Boram Hallelujah defeated Korea Water Resources Corporation with a match score of 4-0 in the 2023 Dunamu Korea Professional Table Tennis League 안전놀이터 (KTTL) Men’s Korea League match held at Studio T (Gwanggyo Gymnasium), a table tennis stadium in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province on the 3rd.

Park Chang-geon dismissed Park Jeong-woo 2-0 (11-4 11-9) in the first match. Park Gyeong-tae then played close to Jang Han-jae in two matches, but won 2-1 (11-8 9-11 11-8) with his unique powerful attack.

In the doubles, Park Chang-geon and Choi In-hyeok won Kim Seok-ho and Jang Han-jae 2-1 (8-11 11-6 11-8), Bo-ram secured his first win of the season.

Park Gyeong-tae caught Park Jeong-woo in the last 4 match ace match held in a situation where the game was decided, and Bo-ram made the first victory a 4-point victory.

Seo Hyeon-deok, the director of Boram Hallelujah, shed tears at the end. In an interview after the game, coach Seo said, “I am sorry and grateful to the players who have suffered so far.”

In the women’s Korea League that followed, 4th place Mirae Asset Securities defeated 3rd place Korean Air with a match score of 3-1. Mirae Asset Securities made 19 points (4 wins and 7 losses) and continued its hopes of advancing to the postseason (up to 3rd place).

The performance of ace Jeon Ji-hee shone. Jeon Ji-hee won the first match and even captured the ace match in the fourth match to confirm the team’s victory. This was the first time Jeon Ji-hee scored two points in a game after transferring from POSCO International to Mirae Asset Securities.

Shin Yu-bin, a rising star from Korean Air, made her first appearance at the professional league arena. Shin Yu-bin originally intended to participate in the game that day, but did not participate.

The organizers explained that they only trained on this day because the environment of Studio T, a professional stadium, was unusual.

Shin Yu-bin will make his professional debut on the 5th at 7:00 pm against POSCO International.

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