Ham Seo-hee won the One Championship three times in a row… Participation in interim championship match

Ham Seo-hee (36) won all three mixed martial arts matches after her debut at the ONE Championship, Asia’s largest team. She earned a spot in an interim title match to fill the void for the regular champion.

ONE Fight Night 8 was held on the 25th at Singapore Indoor Stadium (capacity 12,000). Ham Seo-hee, who ranked second in the One Championship Atomweight Official Ranking, won a unanimous decision victory over Itsuki Hirata (24, Japan).

Chatri Shit Yotong (52, Thailand), One Championship President, said at the ONE Fight Night 8 press conference, “Ham Seo-hee deserves to challenge the champion. He will give me a chance to fight for the interim title.”

One Championship Atomweight Champion Angela Lee (27, USA/Canada) is unable to escape from the psychological shock of her younger sister, Victoria Lee (Korean name Lee Seung-hye), who passed away in December 2022.

Victoria Lee was a promising young woman who was called a ‘women’s mixed martial arts prodigy’. Chairman Chartri said, “I will ask Angela Lee (Korean name Lee Seung-ju) to bless Ham Seo-hee, who is participating in the interim championship match. She will speak with courtesy and respect,” she explained, explaining that she would personally seek her pardon.

Ham Seo-hee is a world class ranked No. 1 in the world by the third quarter of 2021. Even at the One Championship, she won two consecutive victories over Dennis Samboanga (26, Philippines), third in the official rankings in the same weight class, and even defeated Hirata, the winner of Season 3 of the Japanese reality program “Fighting Proxy War”. 먹튀검증

“The One Championship Atomweight division must continue without Angela Lee,” said Cha Tri, explaining her reason for holding the interim title match. Angela Lee defended her throne by defeating the challenge of Stamp Fairtex (26, Thailand), who ranked first in the rankings in March last year.

She plays an interim champion if the regular champion is unable to defend the title for a year or so. If the regular champion is still having trouble playing after more than 3 months after the interim champion is drawn, the interim champion is promoted to the regular champion.

Angela Lee made her Atomweight title fight 896 days (2 years, 5 months, 14 days) after winning her fourth defense in October 2019, but she is different now. At the time, she was recognized for her special circumstances in which she could not hold the competition for more than five months due to her vacancy due to her childbirth, which should be respected by all women, and the aftermath of Corona 19.

Stamp will face Alice Anderson (28), former US ‘Total Warrior Combat’ champion, at ‘One Fight Night 10’ in May. If the 1st place stamp in the One Championship atomweight division defeats Anderson, a provisional title match with 2nd place Ham Seo-hee is likely.

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