Han Sang-hyeok facing Sangmu’s strongest guard, the best test ahead of the actual match

Han Sang-hyeok (182cm, G) received a good test.

Changwon LG lost to Sangmu in the 2022-2023 KBL D-League final held at LG Champions Park in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do on the 27th. It reached the D-League finals for the first time since the club was founded, but did not win the championship trophy.

LG is a team that makes good use of the D-League. Justin Gutang (188cm, F), who barely knew Korean basketball, was trained in the D-League, and Jeong In-deok (196cm, F), who has shooting ability and grit, also stepped up from the D-League.

Lee Seung-woo (193cm, F), who played a great role at the beginning of the season, also went down to the D-League. This is to equip LG coach Jo Sang-hyun with the defense method he wants and the shooting required for basketball.

Han Sang-hyeok (182cm, G) is also laying the groundwork in the D-League. Han Sang-hyeok, who missed the entry due to knee pain, is building his body with D-League players. He is also checking his sense of game and physical fitness in order to go up to the regular league.

Han Sang-hyuk stepped on the court for the first time 3 minutes and 22 seconds before the end of the first quarter. He made a pursuit 3-point shot메이저사이트. And he took over the defensive rebounder’s first pass. A quick pass to a teammate who runs with quick judgment. It laid the foundation for a quick attack or early offense.

However, LG was shaken by Sangmu’s three guards (Heo Hoon – Kim Nak-hyun – Yoo Hyun-jun). Lee Seung-woo helped Han Sang-hyuk, but Han Sang-hyuk held the ball for a long time. His physical strength was greatly reduced due to the burden. Turnovers increased.

LG was pushed back by a double-digit score difference (25-36) in the first 4 minutes of the 2nd quarter. The LG bench balanced the matchup with Sangmu. It was also to relieve Han Sang-hyuk’s burden.

Nevertheless, LG could not handle the rising trend of Sangmu. It was pushed to 28-43 4 minutes and 8 seconds before the end of the second quarter. Coach Park Yoo-jin, the D-League coach, called for a final timeout in the first half.

Han Sang-hyeok came back to the court. However, he could not handle the pressure from the front line. The turnover gave only an excuse for conceding points. LG was also pushed further to 35-50.

Lee Seung-woo became the vanguard of the pursuit, and Han Sang-hyeok sympathized with the pursuit. He narrowed the gap with Sangmu with 3 points from the left at 45 degrees. He also induced a foul free throw by breaking through to the left following a 2-2 development.

Han Sang-hyeok did not spare himself even in the loose ball. Even though he collided with an A board on the sideline, he showed concentration. He tried to break through the offensive line with a kick-out pass following a breakthrough.

However, LG failed to overcome its inferiority. I missed the ‘dream of winning the first D-League championship’. Han Sang-hyeok also left a disappointment with 5 turnovers.

However, Sangmujeon has a great meaning to Han Sanghyuk. The point is that KBL’s best managing guard team was Han Sang-hyeok’s partner. Thanks to this, Han Sang-hyeok made the last sparring he could do in real life. This will be a great help to play the rest of the regular league.

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