Heo Hoon, who won the MVP, shouted for a bigger goal “to win the championship”

 Heo Hoon, who won the D-League MVP by leading Sangmu to the championship, shared his feelings.

Sangmu won 77-68 in the 2022-2023 KBL D-League final against Changwon LG at Icheon LG Champions Park on the 27th, winning his 12th D-League championship. Sangmu, who took the lead from the beginning, struggled with LG’s strong pursuit메이저사이트, but kept his focus until the end and kept the victory.

Heo Hoon (27, 180cm) led the team to victory with 26 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, and the honor of the D-League MVP also belonged to Heo Hoon. Heo Hoon, who walked the court for 40 minutes, scored 20 points in the first half alone, making a big contribution to Sangmu taking the lead and running the game.

Heo Hoon said, “It feels good to win the D-League. Sangmu thought that if he had good mental strength, he would definitely win. Even before the game, I emphasized concentration to the players, and as a result, good results came out. He is of course happy to have been awarded the MVP,” he said. Heo Hoon, who won the regular league MVP for the 2019-2020 season before enlisting in the military, won the MVP in both the regular league and the D-League.

Although he was ahead from the beginning of the game, he was once shaken by LG’s relentless pursuit in the third quarter and was chased by 56-52, 4 points. The painful memory of being hit once by KCC was in danger of repeating itself. Heo Hoon said, “It seems that the players were physically exhausted. He also did a little less shooting practice. Lack of stamina and lack of practice.”

Since the MVP presenter on this day was Kim Dong-yeol, vice-captain of Commerce, if LG had given the championship, the embarrassing situation would have been created where the vice-captain of Commerce would award the MVP to the LG player. Regarding this, Heo Hoon said, “I joked about it among the players, but if it actually happened, it would have been a big accident. Just imagining it is terrifying,” he said with a smile. He then added, “It seems that losing to KCC led to rather good results because it was good to sell early.”

Heo Hoon, who became a corporal before he knew it, said, “Time flies so fast. I think Sangmu is a good place for self-development. There are good facilities in all areas, such as the gym and fitness room, so I think you can improve greatly depending on how well you live. If you set your mind to it, you will be able to show good performance even after being discharged,” he said, expressing satisfaction with his life as managing director by saying, “Since there are fewer matches, I feel less stressed about the match and can continue my exercise plan.”

Heo Hoon, who had not won a championship trophy since his professional debut, won his first championship since his professional debut in the D-League. He said, “Of course winning the D-League is good, but as a basketball player, of course I want to win the regular league and playoffs. A combined victory, I am looking at that one thing,” he set a bigger goal.

Finally, Heo Hoon expressed his gratitude to the fans. Fans who came to the gym every game filled the stands even in the finals. Heo Hoon said, “I am so grateful that you always came. Thanks to that, I was able to play the D-League well, and I was able to win the championship thanks to the fans who supported me well in many ways.”

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