Heungkuk Life Insurance, rather than dealing with it, into deeper confusion… Former chief Kim Ki-joong appointed as follow-up command tower

The club’s amateurish response makes the title of a ‘professional’ team embarrassing. It is a total mess that is not enough to describe it as a mess.

On the 6th, Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was in trouble due to the resignation of coach Kwon Sun-chan along with the controversy over the appointment of players by the club’s high-ranking officials during the season, announced on the 6th that “Kim Ki-joong (48), coach of Sunseon Girls’ High School, has been appointed as the follow-up command tower.” New manager Kim is a person who assisted manager Park Mi-hee at the time as the head coach at Heungkuk Life Insurance for four years until last season.

However, normalization of the team seems distant. On the 5th, the first game after the manager’s resignation, the club’s unknown explanation in the game against GS Caltex in Incheon poured fuel into the already confused situation. Shin Yong-jun, the new team leader who was put in to quickly rectify the situation, raised controversy with an unprepared press conference before the game. “The talk of intervention keeps coming up, but that doesn’t seem to be the case,” he said. He also acknowledged the involvement of the ‘top line’. In addition, he added that he was receiving the news on YouTube, which puzzled the reporters. 메이저사이트

The team’s flagship player Kim Yeon-kyung and veteran Kim Hae-ran gathered courage right after the game and said, “It is true that there was talk about the appointment of players,” and said in a different voice, “I don’t understand more if the manager was hardened for the reason Shin said.” The internal conflict was exposed one after another to the point where it was not resolved. Head coach Lee Young-soo, who took over as acting manager, resigned after conducting only one game that day, saying, “I have the same thoughts as coach Kwon Soon-chan.”

Angry fan spirit boils more. Some fans, who said, “I was disappointed with the team’s parent company, Taekwang Group, who acted abnormally against the professional volleyball team,” gathered their own mercy and started a truck protest on the 6th.Heungkuk Life Insurance suffered measles just a while ago for trying to pass over the conflict within the team and the controversy over school violence with ambiguous actions and clarifications, but it seems that it did not learn a big lesson. The more the club goes to probation, the bigger the controversy. The heightened popularity of being number one in crowd mobilization and the interest of fans seem to be overwhelming. The season is in full swing, but there is a crack that is difficult to repair in the trust between players, fans, and clubs. The appointment of the follow-up command tower, which was faster than the effort to rectify the chaotic situation within the team, cannot be viewed positively.