Hwang Eui-jo is coming to Seoul…”Negotiations in progress, joining Japanese battery training as early as possible”

Hwang Ui-jo (31) is heading to Seoul.

An FC Seoul official said in a phone call with OSEN on the 2nd, “Negotiations with Hwang Ui-jo are in progress, but it has not 메이저놀이터 yet been finalized. Still, we are working hard to create good synergy with each other.”

Hwang Eui-jo, the main striker of the Korean national team, was struggling on the European stage in this 2022-2023 season. After his transfer to Nottingham Forest, he was loaned to Olympiacos (Greece), but did not find a place.

Hwang Ui-jo only had 1 assist in 5 games in the Greek Super League, and was also injured. The deterioration in his condition continued until the World Cup, showing poor performance.

Hwang Eui-jo, who was not registered at Nottingham Forest due to FIFA rules (no registration of 3 teams per season, Bordeaux-Olympiacos), was eventually linked to Japan, the United States and Korea with different schedules.

In fact, in European soccer, it has been reported that Hwang Eui-jo is receiving a love call from the American Major League Soccer (MLS). However, Hwang Ui-jo, who is aiming to re-enter Europe, preferred a short-term transfer rather than a complete transfer.

This condition was met in Seoul, the prestigious representative of the K-League. Seoul is known to have set a win-win case through the short-term loan of Hwang In-beom last season.

If Hwang Eui-ja joins Seoul, he is likely to be a short-term contract until June 2023. Considering the opening schedule at the end of February, it is a short-term contract of about four months.

An official from Seoul said, “Negotiations have not been completed yet.”

On the other hand, regarding the timing of Hwang Eui-jo’s joining, a Seoul official showed a cautious attitude, saying, “If the negotiations are concluded quickly, he can participate in the Kagoshima battery training, which will depart on the 6th. However, we cannot conclude yet.”

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