Hwang Hee-chan’s colleague makes a counter-proposal to Barsa…”Perfect substitute for Busquets”

Wolverhampton’s Hubeng Neves is linked with Barcelona.

He is an iconic player for Wolverhampton. Neves, who transferred from Porto to Wolverhampton in 2017, has been used steadily since then, and has become a player who cannot be discussed except for Wolverhampton. Equipped with ball distribution, kicking power and leadership, he is also the captain of the team.

He is a player who has been constantly rumored to be transferred. From last winter’s transfer window to the summer transfer window, Neves was linked to Arsenal, and rumors of a transfer to Manchester United came out. In the end, Wolverhampton rejected both offers from both clubs, and Neves stayed.

This season, he opened his eyes to scoring at Wolverhampton. In the midst of Wolverhampton’s frontline decision, Neves is posting his name as the highest scorer in the team with 5 goals in 20 games. He also scored the team’s third goal against Liverpool in the league match on the 5th (Korean time).

Neves, the core of Wolverhampton, is connecting with Barcelona. It is a counter-proposal from the players side. His 메이저사이트agent is Jorge Mendes, called the ‘Super Agent’. Mendes is mainly in charge of Portuguese players, and in Wolverhampton, he is also in charge of Matheus Nunes and Nelson Semedo.

According to Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’, Mendes proposed his client Neves to Barcelona. Mendes has a contract with Wolverhampton until 2024, but there is no news of a renewal yet, so it is unknown what will remain in the team.

The reason I proposed to Barcelona is because of Sergio Busquets. Busquets, now 34, still plays in Barcelona’s midfield, but his aging has caused mobility problems every season. While several players are mentioned as his replacement, Neves is also connected.

However, Barcelona manager Xavi is not happy with Neves. According to ‘Mundo Deportivo’, coach Xavi is said to be aiming for Real Sociedad’s defensive midfielder Martin Subimendi as a replacement for Busquets.

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