I even gave the phone number to the dreaming submarine… Park Jong-hoon, who became an underhand ‘guide’

 On the 6th, SSG Landers and Kiwoom Heroes played at Gocheok Sky Dome.

On this day, SSG Underhand starting pitcher Park Jong-hoon led the team to a 2-1 victory with the best pitching of the season with 4 hits, 6 strikeouts, 3 walks and 1 run in 7 innings. Park Jong-hoon calmed Kiwoom’s lineup with only two pitches, a two-seam fastball with a maximum speed of 137 km/h and two curveballs.

There was a boy who was staring at Park Jong-hoon from the back seat of the catcher nearby while he was interviewing reporters at the dugout after he had his first win of the season with 4 out of 5 games. After the interview, Park Jong-hoon was about to enter the locker room and found the boy and greeted him warmly. The conversation ended with “I’ll call you”.

Are they relatives? Are you a close fan? The answer Park Jong-hoon gave to the question was unexpected. Park Jong-hoon said, “I’m a student player who plays baseball as an underhand pitcher. I asked a question about underhand through SNS and answered it, then handed over my phone number. Sometimes I talk on the phone and ask if I have any questions.”

Park Jong-hoon said, “Since there are not many underhand pitchers in the KBO, some young players ask me questions through SNS DM. Of amateur sidearm and underhand pitchers practice alone, so there are many cases where they don’t know which one is better,” he said, explaining the reason for replying to players’ calls.안전놀이터

He said, “I send my own pitching video and give feedback when I ask questions, and when coaches at schools or academies tell me what they say, I give them the direction I think. He tells the story so that he can understand it, but his senses and feelings tell him that no one can replace him.”

Park Jong-hoon said, “I hope that younger players will have a little more confidence or a sense of purpose when throwing sidearm or underhand.” As a human being, I have to put in a little more effort than others and other players to become similar. I want to invest more time for my body than anyone else on each team. I want to be healthy and play baseball without regret.” He gave advice to the juniors of ‘Submarine’.

Park Jong-hoon introduced several names in a friendly manner without stuttering, proving that his relationship with the student athletes had been continued for a longer time and with sincerity than expected. Even though I am busy with personal training, it is not an easy task to find time to watch pitching videos and reply with sincerity. It is even more difficult to live altruistically in a pro where my body and my grades come first. Since Park Jong-hoon is known for his upright personality, the message he conveys to his juniors is even more impressive

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