“I told you to shoot as much as you want” Allegji, who changed the uniform, fits perfectly with the infinite 3-point shot Carrot

Another 3-point shooter has joined the 3-point shooting team. As a 2-option foreign player, he needs time to adapt to the new team, so his playing time is not long, but his shooting ability is ‘real’. He made a strong first impression by recording a 3-point success rate of up to 80% in 3 games. This is the story of Goyang Carrot Jonathan Alledge (32).

Carrot was not the beginning. Alledge came to Korea as a substitute for Marcus Derrickson of Seoul Samsung, who left due to injury in mid-December last year. In Samsung, he recorded 10.8 points and 5.0 rebounds while playing for an average of 16 minutes and 46 seconds in 10 games. He recorded a 3-point success rate of 43.3% and a free throw success rate of 89.3%, proving his worth as a 204 cm tall left-handed shooter. 메이저사이트

And about a month later, the uniform was changed. Samsung replaced all foreign players, and Carrot, who had a lot of trouble with David Simon’s injury, took Alledge’s hand. Carrot recruited Demetrius Treadwell as a replacement for Simon, but Treadwell showed no particular advantage. Only the burden of 1 option foreign player Didric Lawson has increased, but it is Carrot who chose Alledge instead of Treadwell in the second half to avoid Lawson’s overload.

He’s still waiting to adapt. He joined the team about ten days ago. A good start though. As of the last 25 days, it shoots the most 3-pointers in the league (average 34.2), puts the most (average 12.4), and has the highest probability (36.1% 3-point shot success rate), and it fits Carrot’s team color.

The playing time is gradually increasing. And against Seoul SK on the 23rd, he scored 17 points with 4 3-point shots in the first quarter alone. He put his name on the starting lineup and made a series of 3-point shots against SK, which prepared a defensive tactic in preparation for Lawson, embarrassing SK. Carrot lost to SK at the end of a close match, but it was a moment where Alledge’s potential could be glimpsed.

After the game, Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi said of Alledge, “The shot is so good. It won’t be easy to stop. Because of Alledge, I also have an attack option that can be made with a pick-and-pop,” he said. I will make the best use of my ability in attack.”

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