‘I want to go to Barça’… Tottenham, who is in a hurry with midfield, won’t let it go

Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur are competing for Sophia Amrabat.

At the last World Cup in Qatar, Amrabat, who played a key role in Morocco’s semifinals, played a key role in Morocco’s midfield. Am Rabat, who is in charge of his mobility, recklessness and even dirty work, is currently active at Fiorentina and has established himself as a key player.

His performance during the World Cup has linked him to several clubs. Among the clubs that were aiming for Amrabat were Liverpool in the transfer market last winter, and Barcelona were also interested in signing Amrabat. However, Amrabat, the core of Fiorentina, was not allowed to transfer by the club.

In the end, Amrabat, who remained at Fiorentina, is playing an active role. As his performance improved after the World Cup in Qatar, he has established himself as a clear team starter this season, and is participating in 24 league games this season. His team, Fiorentina, is currently building a solid power in 9th place.

As the performance continued, clubs that failed to recruit are raising their heads again. Representatively, Barcelona are constantly observing Amrabat. According to the Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’, Barcelona are said to have finished ‘preparing to fight’ for the signing of Amrabat.

Barcelona is also aiming for a scout because there is a lack of midfield resources that show a lot of activity defensively, except for Frank Kesier. In addition, Frenkie the Yong and Sergio Busquets are difficult to provide wide defensive cover, and Pedri also has injury issues, so Amrabat is in the limelight as an option.

Meanwhile, not only Barcelona but also Tottenham Hotspur are keeping an eye on Amrabat. Santi Auna, a reporter for French media ‘Foot Mercato’, said: “Amrabat is interested in Barcelona, ​​but Tottenham are also monitoring him. His situation will change at the end of the season.” 메이저사이트

Meanwhile, it is known that the player himself wants to go to Barcelona. Santi Auna said, “Amrabat is still dreaming of moving to Barcelona. In the Premier League, Tottenham and Liverpool have shown interest in him, but his dream is to advance to La Liga.” It remains to be seen whether Barcelona will succeed in signing him as Amrabat hopes.

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